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One of the wonderful perks of coaching is that it can happen anywhere. I coach clients Worldwide! Although I do face to face sessions, I also love working by Skype or Phone.


Positive Dating Quotes to Change Your Life

Positive Dating Quotes to Change Your Life More often than not, we lack the words to say how we truly feel. Especially when it comes to relationships. Below you'll find a list of 10 positive dating quotes that might help you put love into perspective. You'll also hear...

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Client Testimonial: Karen S

"When we met in February you changed my profile on Eharmony. 1 hour later a vicar emailed me! We had a whirlwind romance, and got engaged 2 weeks ago. :). Thank you very much for your part in the story." This was such a lovely dating testimonial that came to me today...

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How to Approach Women Confidently

How To Approach Women Confidently Many of us lack the confidence to approach someone we find attractive. Whether it's because we're shy or we feel we don't have enough to offer. We make excuses for ourselves and find reasons why we shouldn't approach someone. We let...

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