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One of the wonderful perks of coaching is that it can happen anywhere. I coach clients Worldwide! Although I do face to face sessions, I also love working by Skype or Phone.


What Makes A Man Fall In Love

So what makes a man fall in love ? It may be hard to believe, but men tend to fall in love for many of the same reasons that women do. Literally, it's all about the chemical reaction in our brains. Men look for certain qualities in women that they deem desirable. The...

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How Often Should I Text Him?

How Often Should I Text Him? We've all asked ourselves these questions: Am I being annoying? Did I text too soon? What if he doesn't reply? Why hasn't he answered? I'm sure there are many more questions as well. You want to let him know you're interested, without...

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What to talk about on a first date

What To Talk About On a First Date There's a good chance you've been out of the dating scene, busy focusing on your professional life. Now that you've decided to try and find love, you're unsure of your footing. It's natural, since even those who date commonly end up...

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