Christian Grey Character Traits

The name has been hard to avoid, since the character Christian Grey seems to be on every woman’s mind. But why? What makes this character so irresistible to women? Do other men even stand a chance anymore? Well, you do with a few tweaks to your approach. We’re talking about adapting traits from the character Christian Grey to make any woman attracted to you.

First, let’s answer that first question. What exactly is appealing about this character?

Women often contact me with advice about choosing a dating agency as they want to meet strong men like Christian Grey that they don’t see in real life. One of the main draws about Christian Grey is his position of power. Not to be confused with his obvious fortune. Money may make the corporate world go around, but it does nothing to make beautiful women swarm. Power, on the other hand, does. A person in a position of power, with dominance over others, is more attractive. Simply because it shows you are commanding and assertive. You’re strong minded. I mean, you have to be to have that kind of power in the first place. If you’re not in a position of power, don’t worry! You can simply be in control of yourself, demonstrating power over your own urges. It’s enough to turn their heads too!

Of course, the power is high on the list, but not the only thing women seem to love. They love that he is unattainable, so there’s a challenge to get inside the fortress that is his mind. As much as women want you to be open, a little bit of secrecy and mystery will drive them wild. Nothing big, but, just show that you’re not giving everything away. That there are parts of you that you’re keeping locked up. If you don’t believe it works, try it out for yourself the next time you’re out. Be charming, but a little stoic. Reserved, while demonstrating enough interest. You’ll see the results.

There’s also a draw to someone who is dominating, like the Christian Grey character. He takes control. He’s possessive of his woman. He does what he wants and he doesn’t apologize. Mind you, these are the traits you’re going to save for after you’ve gotten to know someone! You start being possessive on a first date and you’re never going to get a call back!

Now, what can you take from the Christian Grey character?

– Be powerful
– Be assertive
– Be mysterious
– Be seductive
– Be irresistible

It’s not hard to tweak your approach to be more like this Christian Grey character. Even if you’re not exactly the most dominate person in the world, you can have an approach that makes it seem like you are. Or, you can learn to be more. After all, you want to be satisfying and irresistible. That means no putting on a show. If you want the approach to really work, you’ve got to make it a part of yourself.

There may only be one Christian Grey character, but the options are endless to transform into someone even more irresistible. I mean, you’re real. You’re flesh. Attainable. Christian Grey is just a character. Already, you’re better than him!

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