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I’d like to welcome our latest dating blogger Imogen Jade to my website. ¬†She’ll be bringing her unique dating stories and advice for you to enjoy. Here is her dating blogger introduction.

So there I was, checking up on my daily messages from one of the talent casting websites I am registered on (part of my daily routine), when I found a message from James asking if I’d be interested in becoming a dating blogger for his dating advice website.¬†Surely, I was surprised. I never had of thought in a million years that I would of been contacted to share my dating advice amongst others. Although I am still quite young to most, a lot probably thinking “How could an eighteen-year-old have any slight clue of what the dating scene is like?”. Liking older men is the answer.

Before you go ahead thinking that I’m talking about men in their 40’s-50’s, trust me. I’m not. I am sensible enough to realise that most women dating a man with a thirty to fifty year age gap are just gold diggers. Don’t get me wrong though; men are just as bad. Men think they can go about using younger women and still be classed as sophisticated, when realistically, they’re just a bunch of egotistical idiots, something my own ‘father’ needs to start understanding.

I have had more negative than positive dating experiences, and with that in mind, I thought it would be interesting for me to share experiences of mine as I know at least a few people could possibly relate. I have been a sufferer of Alopecia Areata for eleven years now. I have learnt to only think positively about my Alopecia, as I have learnt that hair loss shouldn’t define a female and her femininity, but a lot of guys that I have met don’t seem to feel the same way about it. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have been called out for not being ‘feminine enough’, yet my Alopecia is honestly something I cannot control. I am writing this in the hopes that at least a few people can relate to this, as its awful for any woman to be degraded and judged just for having a particular condition or disability.

The comments that I have gotten in the past are just representations of how feminism doesn’t exist. Believe me, I do not classify myself as a feminist but I certainly do not disagree with their plead for equality. It just goes to show you that most men do not think of anything other than a woman’s body, and I personally think that is quite sad.

The problem for me now is that, when I meet a genuine guy who is certainly not egotistic and does not judge a book by its cover, I tend to mess things up as I take things way too fast. There’s been way too many cringe-fulling, drunken situations where I have told a guy how I really feel about him way too early. Why though? Because I’ve been let down too many times which makes me believe if I tell them sooner than later how I feel about them, I can put my mind at ease and stop over thinking about the situation, when in reality, we all know that the words “I love you” too soon always ends in tears. I cannot just be the only woman who has this problem. I know that so many other women question their self worth because of previous negative experiences, and that’s exactly what’s do. Previous experiences with males justifies how I act today when I start dating someone, but that’s something I know that I need to change in order for myself to have any chances of a successful relationship in the future.

A friendly reminder that we should never listen to any man who tries to define a woman’s femininity based on their appearance, a reminder that what men say most of the time, they say it without thinking. A reminder that you should just shake the words off and not let them affect you because once you let them, those words will stay with you for years on years. You are you for a reason, so embrace it!

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