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My dating coaching options are simply guides and are tailored to individual needs. They are available to singles worldwide and at the moment all dating coaching sessions will be by Zoom or Phone.

“I contacted James as I really didn’t understand the world of online dating and was quite frankly petrified! He helped me with my profile and then walked me through the process of talking to and meeting people. James really knows his stuff and his help has been invaluable. Thank you!”

Lori Mcpherson


“I approached James six months ago for help and advice in relationships in the age of social media and online dating. My long term marriage ended with divorce and I was left not knowing how to be single again, now as an older woman and parent. James’s knowledge, experience and straight forward approach are what I needed and I am now in a relationship that I am happy with. I have learnt a lot about myself and gained confidence. I cannot recommend James enough.”



“I just wanted to thank you for helping my daughter to find her man.
They are getting married later in 2020.

Before she saw you she had tried lots of the free apps and dating sites without discussed. A while ago she sat on my sofa crying and said “mum where is this man I have everything I want, a successful career but no man”. I always reassured her that he was out there but she hadn’t met him yet.

I wanted to help her, it was upsetting as her Mum to see my adult child so distressed because she didn’t have a partner, so spent an afternoon searching the net for a Dating Coach and found your site.

With your help she found her partner and has never looked back.

From a Mum thank you so much for helping her find that special person, she is a very happy lady.
I paid for the sessions with you and I assure you it will always be the best value for money I will ever spend in my life.”

Ann S



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Please do get in touch if you’d like to hire me as a Dating Coach or Relationship Coach.  If you have any questions then please ask away and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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