Dating Etiquette Book Launch

My new Dating Etiquette book is available for you to download on Amazon right now.  It launched recently and I’ve already had some very positive comments and emails about it.

Dating Etiquette Guide

Dating Etiquette Guide

The book covers all the essential dos and don’t s about the REAL rules of dating.  So if you are as confused and fed up as many other 1000s of singles, you really need to check out this book.

Dating Etiquette is a funny thing as it’s not something many people know much about. If you don’t know what you should and shouldn’t be saying, then it’s only going to lead to disappointment and very few second dates.  But don’t worry, as the UK’s leading dating coach I’ve put together the missing manual.  When you’ve finished reading it then you’ll know how to navigate through the very difficult world of dating.

If you buy a copy today, it would be fantastic if you could add a review on Amazon for me. The more positive reviews I get then the more likely the book will attract new people. So the more reviews then the more people I’ll be able to help.

Dating Book store

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These include my number one best selling online dating guide ” I Will Make You Click” which is available as both a paperback hard copy and an ebook for Kindle.

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I’m always looking for new idea for dating products and dating books. So before I start working on the next one, I’d LOVE you to add a comment on here and let me know if there’s any topic I’ve not yet covered.

If it’s something new then I’ll get working on it right away for you if there’s enough of a demand!