How To Approach Women Confidently

Many of us lack the confidence to approach someone we find attractive. Whether it’s because we’re shy or we feel we don’t have enough to offer. We make excuses for ourselves and find reasons why we shouldn’t approach someone. We let amazing people walk in and out of our lives without ever getting to know them. Generally, we are the biggest roadblock to our own love life. It’s the curse of being human, sadly. Many of us are on a quest to sabotage our own happiness. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of confidence, anyone can turn lonely nights into nights that are filled with the laughter of a beautiful companion. If you want to learn how to approach women confidently then there’s no time like the present to learn new tactics!

Be brave and bold

You’ve seen a woman you want to approach, but you need time to work up the nerve. It happens more than you’d think. But, consider this: She saw you at the same time that you saw her. She’s noticed you haven’t approached. She’ll think you’re either uninterested or a coward. Worse, she may feel like a last resort. Now you don’t want her to think any of that. You want her to know you’re interested in her. The only way she’s going to know is if you express that interest. Walk up to her the minute she catches your eye. She’ll know you mean business.

Be conversational

You probably get hung up on what to say and you’re not sure when to ask her out. Instead, try approaching her with the goal of striking up a conversation and nothing more. Completely forget about asking her out. Enjoy a normal conversation with her. This will help you to find the common ground the two of you share. You can use this towards the end of your meeting to sneak in a date opportunity. If you have trouble with this, practice in your day-to-day life. Start conversations with random people until it becomes a natural feeling. This will help to build your confidence in your conversational skills as well.

Be understanding

There are going to be times you approach a woman and she’s just not into it. This could be because you’re not her type. Face it, you’re not going to be Prince Charming for everyone. No one has that power. Don’t beat yourself up about a strike-out. There are many other women you’ll get the chance to talk to and one of them is going to be happy you approached. Of course, she may just be having a bad day. If you’re understanding of the situation, you can get a better feel of why she seems standoffish. If you use a joke tactic and she smirks, then she’s probably just having a bad day. Use your newly developed conversation skills to help take her mind off whatever might be bumming her out.

Be charming

There is nothing more unattractive than someone shuffling their feet or stumbling over their words when they are trying to ask you out. Even if you’re generally shy, leave that part of yourself at home. Try stepping into the role of someone you find charasmatic. Whether that’s an actor or a character to a show/book. That doesn’t mean pretend to be something you’re not. You can’t fake yourself out on a first introduction because then you’re obligated to never show your real self. You’re not trying to lie about who you are. It just means that you should fake the confidence if you have to.

Remember that there is no harm in trying to approach women. If you get shot down, there are other opportunities. If you can’t approach the woman you see tonight, there’s always tomorrow night. Consistently work on yourself and your ability to strike up conversations and you’ll see: It’s a lot easier than you think!

I’m the Dating Coach for many online dating companies and dating agencies .  Get in touch if you’d like some help learning how to approach women.