Admit it, who hasn’t been sitting around the pub with friends having this conversation? As human beings we are all prone to those snap judgements on first impressions, especially regarding career choice. But does that uniform or pocket protector tell us all we need to know about someone? Hopefully not. 

The era of “Geek Chic” has brought the lives of the world’s most successful Entrepreneurs into full view, and lo and behold, they are all dropouts of various educational institutions, some the best in the world. Dressed in tee shirt, trainers, and jeans most days, glassy eyed from hours and hours in front of a computer monitor, just how many people are kicking themselves because they jumped to the conclusion that they had nothing to offer. 

Throughout, history we have identified class, gender, and education by style or dress, but things are changing fast. Cowboy hats, grills, tank tops, and trainers with tuxedos are now not only acceptable, but considered ultra-trendy and stylish. Urban areas have usually set the tone, but rural areas aren’t far behind and it’s not long until we see the trends pushing the proverbial envelope at work. Although if you can’t walk or sit down in it, most likely it’s a terrible choice for both dating and the office. 

Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis explains the evolution of fashion in his own career “I noticed when I just started [playing live] people would mostly go for jeans with shirts and it was all pretty standard early 90s clothing”, “Then the internet wave came and people pretty much wanted to sit at the table as they did at home. Even though this might not be very appealing to the eye, I do understand people want to be as comfortable as they can be.” 

According to relationship expert, Eric Hegmann, “The latest studies of online dating show more and more that men are refusing to subscribe to the old cliché of looking for a woman who has a less demanding career than they do.” With more casual dress codes now a perk in offices all over the world, a more relaxed attitude has blurred lines between coworkers. It has become more difficult to tell the intern from the manager.  

The meteoric rise of self-made success by non-traditional methods has altered the job market in tremendous ways. These days that mechanic who changed your oil at the gas station could very well be Robbie Savage. Lex’s teammate, Gold Medal Hockey Player and Model Fatima Moreira de Melo weighs in stating, “I used to be a fashion designer but then I always wanted to be a lot of different things. I just have different interests and in society it’s normal that you just become one thing but that’s not me.” “I think our generation is more and more into doing different things in life and enjoying it.” 

So, take a chance and say yes next time you get an invitation to go out with someone outside the norms of your standard dates. Take a cooking or language class to meet new people, and if they happen to have an unconventional career, keep an open mind.  Change can be scary, but it can also be a chance to learn something new about yourself and what you are seeking in a committed relationship.