Author: Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth

Is he ready to settle down or is he going to end up blindsiding you, breaking your heart into a million pieces and abandoning you? Is he ready to settle down or is he toying with your mind and heart

It might sound cliché, but settling down is, and has always been, one of the scariest things for men. It’s probably right up there with skydiving and slaying a dragon. Why? Basically the same reason why girls are scared of settling down, too. It’s being with the same person till eternity. It’s saying goodbye to flings and even late night drinks with the boys. Considering the current divorce rate, we totally understand why more and more men are putting off marriage.

However, what’s funny is that if a guy is ready, he is ready! It’s like a light switch. If it’s on, it is absolutely on, especially if he’s found the one. Men are just like this. It’s like they say to themselves “Okay buddy, it’s time to cross over to the other side” and BAM. Just like that. Find out if your guy is indeed ready to settle down with you by spotting these signs:

Sign #1: You are his “official” girlfriend or partner

Well, this is kind of basic but I will just put this here for those who are being promised marriage but are not actually official girlfriends. If you’re not his girlfriend/partner and especially if he has a girlfriend (omg), then nope, the guy will never settle down with you all of a sudden. I just want to be blunt with you right now and tell you that even though your guy says he wants to settle down with you very soon, if you’re not official, that’s BS! In fact, it could be a sign that he’s a player. However, if you’re his official girlfriend and he’s introduced you to everyone as his girlfriend, (especially to his family) then yes, it’s a sign that your guy is ready. Of course, it has to be coupled with the other signs below.

Sign #2: He loves talking to you

Communication is indeed the most important element of marriage and guys know that. They want to be with someone they can talk endlessly with even in the most boring moments, even in the twilight years. Breasts sag, good looks fade, but honest, intellectual connection lasts a lifetime. What could be better than having coffee with your partner when you’re sixty and you don’t notice time pass because you talk about anything under the sun? Any guy would never let this kind of connection go.

Sign #3: He reveals personal things to you that he would not reveal to anyone else

If you both love talking to each other and you find him talking to you more and more about things he never reveals to anyone else, your guy must think you’re the one. Congratulations. That’s maybe because you’re not judgemental and you truly see through him. When your guy has broken down his walls and is willing to let you see his fragile inner self, he is definitely ready.

Sign #4: He Really Trusts you

Could he go to jail for things he has told you? Is there a chance you’d totally get turned off by the things he has revealed to you? Can you feel his nervousness but he tells you these things anyway? If you answer yes to all three, he basically views you as his partner-in-crime.

Sign #5: He has mentioned the future a lot

He has he been talking about what type of house he’s planning to buy and asking your opinion about? Has he mentioned about having kids, how he wants to retire, what kind of lifestyle he wants when he’s married? If he keeps talking about the future like it’s something he really wants, whether it’s so subtle or very blatant, then obviously the guy wants you in his life forever. This article gives more insight.

Sign #6: He has specifically said you are “Different”

You’re just having your usual lunch together on your usual busy day yet you catch him staring at you like he’s staring at a newborn puppy. Then he tells you how different you are from the rest of the girls. It could be the way you make him feel special, or the way you inspire him to be the best person he could be. It could be anything, really! If he keeps reminding you that you are not like the rest of them, then your guy is totally smitten and would do anything to keep you in his life.

If your boyfriend does these six things, be prepared for a relationship “level up.” I hope this is something that you really want. However, if you’re still unsure of his willingness to settle and you’ve been itching to know where your relationship is going, you got to try to calm down. I know it’s hard but the best things in life usually don’t happen fast. Allow your relationship to blossom some more and just enjoy your time together day by day. Enjoy this carefree phase because you’ll never get back to it once you tie the knot.

And don’t be angry at him or try to “fix” things. Things will progress naturally and if not, then you will leave yourself open for a man who does.