Is Your Relationship Moving too Fast?

Have you ever looked back at a past relationship and wished you had just taken a chill pill and went with the flow more?  In a world of instant gratification – be it food, consumerism, even sex – its hard to not apply the same ‘I need it now’ feeling to love and commitment.  The more desperate a person feels, the faster they tend to go in the relationship. As  Dating Coach, I sadly see this time and time again. I even have a term for it : “Speeding.” Don’t worry though, if you are worried about your own relationship moving too fast then here are the signs to watch out for.

Here are the “6 signs of speeding”:

The L word

There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel when in a loving, committed relationship, but if you find yourself saying it more for security within the first few months, you could be sailing into dangerous waters.  Hold back as much as you can with the ‘I love you’s’ until you are sure they are feeling the same way.

Selective blindness

You’ve chosen to ignore any faults or weakness’s your partner has shown, and have placed them on the ‘pedestal of perfection’, even if others have pointed them out to you. 

Romantic overkill

Splashing out on expensive gifts and holidays, even though you are still unsure where the relationship is headed is not a good idea.  Being hurt is one thing but being broke and hurt is something else entirely.  Keep the level of romance reflective to the level of commitment being given.

Forward planning

Making major life decisions together can be an exciting experience, but also extremely risky.  Enjoy the smaller things in life first before moving on to bigger plans.

Friends and family

You’re quick to want to introduce your partner to friends and family, while slowly your spending more and more time with him instead of them.  Don’t become too consumed in your relationship, its important to make equal time for loved ones.

Reoccurring patterns

You may have just left an intense relationship and jumped straight into another before having any real alone time.  You might also have a habit of moving too fast in all of your past relationships, showing that YOU might be the problem to why things are moving too fast.


Instant gratification where love is concerned almost always leads to disappointment.  If you want the best out of any relationship then build slowly, and most importantly, enjoy the journey together.  That’s the best way to stop your relationship moving too fast .



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