Virtual Dating Coaching Service



I’m very pleased to bring you my very special “Virtual Dating Coaching” service.  This is a practice video date that will show you what you are doing right and what you need work on.



What is Virtual Dating Coaching?

In these difficult times, the future is all about Video Dating. It’s the best way for singles to really connect with each other before meeting in real life.

For many people this is completely new and if you need to know what you are doing. If you are good at it then you’ll have many successful interactions.

Many people are nervous about meeting people or not sure why they never get a second date. The problem with normal dates is that you never get to find out the truth about what went wrong.

Due to popular request, I can now offer you the chance to practice your dating skills by live video. With this virtual dating coaching service you’ll finally know exactly what and what not to do. 

This will be with one of my dating team- usually an actor/actress or one of my dating hosts. I will arrange a simulation “role-play” session between you. You will both pretend to be on a real Virtual Video date. I’ve been running this Mock Dating Service for many years. My team are amazing at helping single professionals.

It’s probably THE most useful thing you can do to improve your dating success.

There are ten key skills that are essential to getting more dates :

1)First Impressions, 2)Time Keeping, 3) Manners, 4) Grooming, 5) Dress Sense, 5) Body Language, 6) Communication Skills, 7) Conversation Quality, 8) Confidence, 9) Flirting Ability, 10 )Ending a Date

Virtual Date

Virtual Video Dating Techniques

Your Video Dating Session will help you with all these key dating skills as well as considering other important video dating skills such as : 

Lighting, Background, Ambiance, Volume


How Virtual Dating Coaching Works

Once you have booked a Virtual Dating Coaching session, I will liaise between you to work out the best time for a session. This will take place either by Skype or Zoom. You will then both meet and act as if it were a real date.

I will provide you with each other’s contact details in case of any difficulties, but these are not to be used for any other purpose such as contacting them before or after the date

 Afterwards, they will then offer gentle advice and honest feedback in a report to me within 24 hours. This will be about the ten areas mentioned above. I will then use this information to let you know which areas need work.


Further Information

Virtual Dating Coaching sessions are available to both male and female clients of all ages. I will choose the most suitable “dater” and they are available to anyone around the world

Each video date is for one hour. You will both act as it the date is real and not discuss dating coaching or have any contact afterwards.



£170 per one hour Virtual Dating Coaching Session. Includes a follow up email from me with advice to improve. Once booked, I will need at least 48 hours to consider rescheduling.