You wouldn’t know if you’re on a date or only hanging out if someone new hasn’t made that apparent. Honestly, a doubt cloud always lingers, and that’s something you wouldn’t want. Just hanging out with someone as a friend is refreshing, but wouldn’t it be better if it was a date with someone you liked and they’d made that crystal clear at the onset?

Well, not every time you’ll hear the words, “let’s go for a date,” but mostly, you need to figure that out yourself and ask, “Is it a date?” This article acquaints you with the best tips to help you figure out whether or not it’s a date.

When Did They Ask You Out?

Dates should be well-planned. The clothes your wear matter, and the timing should click right. That means if someone asked for a date, they’d inform you beforehand so that you prepare adequately. They’d care much about seeing you in your comfortable best, with a contentious smile, neatly matching colours and a generally relaxed poise. Hangouts, however, are pretty different since they occur out of the blue and don’t involve preparing much.

How Much Effort Do They Put into It?

A high possibility that you’re on a date exists if the other person keeps stressing about meeting you and spending time together. It should be apparent that they like your company; perhaps, they’re trying harder to get you to notice them. They may not tell you right on that you’re on a date, but persistence should give you all the pointers that you’re having one. It means they’re more interested in making the most of their time with you, not only as friends but as someone they think they should be more involved with.

What are You Planning on Doing?

Dates can be varied, and it’s often easy to confuse them with hangouts. Again, not all dates involve booking restaurant corner spaces or getting into a fancy hotel for dinner. Some dates can be casual, often involving grabbing some ice cream in the park or going for a roller coaster ride. In such cases, the line between defining whether or not you’re on a date is incredibly minimal. So, why are asking yourself is it a date? For the most part, you should always look for the motive. While everything can run wild around you, a few tender, one-to-one moments would still phase in. They’ll want to have more of you on an almost intimate level. If so, you’re on a date instead of a casual hangout.

What’s Their Principal Focus?

With hangouts, the focus is usually more on having fun and making the most of the time together. However, dates are different, and it’s easy to tell if the motive is more about sharing the moment at a more intimate level. During dates, the other person tends to focus more on you and to get to know you more profoundly. They’ll keep asking more personal questions and attune the conversations, making them all about you. The focus is always on the moment together and not more on creating fun and wild memories with you.

Is the Conversation Flirty or Romantic?

One way to know how much someone likes you is by checking how the conversations pan out. Someone who likes you and has asked you out will be flirty and more romantic in their conversations. However, the level of romance in such conversations depends on how far the two of you have gone. If you’re only starting, it’s not always easy to determine if they’re only being friendly or are indeed romantic. However, the energy around their words and the motive behind their statements should outline their intentions. You’ll likely stumble on a few romantic and flirty moments if you’re on a date. However, the conversations would only be themed around your friendship and everything around you, not about your mutual feelings. Is a Date then? It really depends on how the banter is going.

Who Paid for the Date?

Your other person may schedule a hangout at one of the fanciest places, and mainly, it’d be about catering for yourself, including paying for the expenses. However, most dating experts agree that they’d want to impress more if on a date, which means paying for both of your costs. However, that shouldn’t indicate they see that as a date since some may opt for a Dutch date rather than a conventional one. Also, if they asked for a hangout, but you don’t have the financial capacity to pay for your spending, they may offer to cover for you. Mostly, however, they’ll be quick at picking up the check first and paying for your food and drinks and would bother less about telling you how much you’ve spent.

What’s their Body Language?

Body language is the best indicator for determining whether or not you’re on a date. Someone who likes you and has asked you out will show that they want you; it’s almost impossible to hide that. You should always check for positive signs, like frequent eye contact, flirty facial expressions, and subtle, gentle touches. If so, it means that the other person takes it for a date, and there’s an apparent sign of physical attraction. Also, please check how they behave when escorting you to your taxi or taking you home. Are they tender with it and keen that you get home safely? A friend would still do that, but someone who likes you’ll go overboard, showing that they care about you, and that should tell you that you’ve just been on a date.

How Do You Feel About the Outing Afterward?

How you feel after the meeting says a lot about whether or not you’ve been on a date. If you feel more pampered and still can’t get over the other person with constant reminiscing, you were on a date. A snuggly hug and kiss on the forehead before parting should leave you biting your fingers with ecstasy. That should be a tell-tale sign that it was more than friendly. Nevertheless, lousy and incredibly awkward dates are still a possibility. The best part is that you’ll still get the signs that, at least, the other person tried as much as possible to appear romantic.

Is It a Date – Conclusion

Asking if it’s a date or not is not a piece of cake unless you know how to tell. Meetups can be complicated, and reading the motive can never be straightforward. However, we hope this article will help you discern between fate and a casual friends’ hangout. If things aren’t working out and you’d like to learn how to manifest your soulmate then do contact me now!


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