Long Distance Dating – How to Make it Work

In less modern times, long-distance dating was much more difficult. Back when you relied on the phone (or even worse, telegrams!) it was hard to keep in touch. Now that texting has grown in popularity, it’s easier for long-distance couples to stay connected. Unfortunately, that has had some adverse effects itself. For instance, many couples feel like overcompensating for the distance by keeping in constant communication. They text from morning until night. They tell each other every little detail. This actually causes a greater distance over time because the simple act of keeping in touch becomes exhausting. You start to wonder if it’s worth the effort anymore. That’s when you know you’re having real problems. Below you’ll see a list of my relationship expert ways to keep long distance dating working successfully. 

Moderation is key

Over-communication will lead to a greater distance emotionally.

Be creative when you’re communicating

Don’t just talk about what you did today. Invent a fun way of expressing your thoughts on the day. You can be creative by sharing pictures and videos as well.

Ask questions

It’s not enough to know the details of a story or particular events. You want to know how your partner was feeling, what they were thinking. These are the most important details.

Incorporate romance

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean romance has to be left out. Find a way to share romantic moments. Be intimate. You can do this through texting. You can be more explicit if that’s something you’re both comfortable with or you can make sexy comments. Just make sure that you’re keeping these interactions private!

Share activities

The internet is filled with possibilities that can help the two of you feel more closely connected. You can watch the same television show or the same documentary on YouTube. You can play an online game together. You can even shop online and share screens on Skype to truly feel like you’re together.

When it comes to long distance dating, your commitment says everything. If you are determined to make the relationship work, it will. Whether the two of you have always been long distance partners or the distance is something new. Yes, it can be scary. There are many things out of your control when you’re not able to see your partner. Then again, it’s a perfect reminder that you can’t be in control of everything, Sometimes, you have to let things happen.

With that said, both of you need to be clear on your expectations. Long-distance relationships can leave people feeling lonely and distant. If one of you is feeling this way, what is the protocol? Are you comfortable with your partner going out with other people or do you often feel jealous? Are you worried a night out with friends will lead to a possible mistake? The confidence you have in your relationship will drastically effect the ability of lasting love. If you feel uncomfortable about them being out when you’re not around, you lack faith in your partner (or yourself). Maybe you’re not strong enough to handle a long-distance relationship.