Top Dating Coach Best Christmas Dating Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re likely thinking about finding that special someone. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit beside the roaring fireplace, hot cocoa in hand, with someone that makes your heart sing? Of course! Christmas tends to bring out the inner romantics in even the borderline cynical individuals. There’s something about the chill in the air that seems to demand to snuggle close to someone you love. You see people everywhere, hand in hand. You see couples Christmas shopping for one another. If you’re alone, it can eerily become a need to change that. The good news is that many others feel the same as you do. They are looking for that fireplace partner too. All you have to do is get where these people are and find a date for the holidays.

Once you’ve found that someone, what comes next? Dating, of course. This season brings along many fun dating opportunities for new couples and even existing couples. As the UK’s top Dating Coach I know how magical it can be. Below you’ll see some of the best Christmas date ideas that are sure to make the season feel special to you:

The Best House, Scavenger Hunt

If you’re both the outdoors type, this is a great idea. The best house scavenger hunt is fairly simple. You walk around outside, looking for the best-decorated house. There’s no winner or loser. It’s just about getting to see the neighborhood all lit up against the night sky, enjoying conversation and companionship. The best part is, it doesn’t cost anything!

Christmas Markets

No matter which city you live in, there are bound to be Christmas markets. These are pop-up displays, usually involving hand-crafted decor, homemade food and live entertainment. Of course, this date idea might cost you a bit of money, but it’s worth it to find something special to commemorate the time you spend together. Plus, it’s a great way to give back to your community, since everything is locally made and sold by the same people who share your streets.

Ice Skating

This top dating coach idea may seem entirely cliche, but there’s a reason for that. It’s fun! Getting back on the skates, likely for the first time in a long time, and falling down can be a blast. Add a nice warm cup of hot cocoa and the smiles on your faces and it’s bound to be a successful night. Don’t get discouraged if you are worse than your date. It’s about trying, not succeeding. Plus, it’s more about spending time together. If you already own skates, this date is free. If you need to rent some, it’s not too expensive either.

Christmas Meal

There’s nothing quite like the traditional Christmas meal. Everyone loves to stuff their faces until they almost burst. For most people, it’s the only time of year that allows them that luxury. You and your partner can cook up a meal together, for yourselves or others. If there’s no family involved, you might choose to donate any left-overs to your local homeless shelter. That way, you’re doing something good for yourselves and the less fortunate. Nothing brings people together like giving for a good cause. Plus, your date will think you’re a real stand-up person for wanting to share your fortune. Let’s face it, the Christmas meal can cost quite a lot!

Decorating The Tree

If you’ve already got the tree and the decor, this is a free date. If not, you might want to buy a half-sized tree (real or fake) simply to decorate. You can buy decorations for almost nothing or make your own. Decorating a Christmas tree is a great time for sharing stories about childhoods, family and past Christmas memories. This is a good date idea if you’re really serious about someone and want to get to know them better.

Now many other “Christmas date idea” lists might suggest Christmas shopping together. This is a bad idea. Firstly, the stores are going to be crazy with frantic shoppers pushing past you. There’s going to be so much noise you’ll barely be able to have a conversation. Plus, if you’re a new couple there’s a sudden obligation to buy something amazing for the other person. None of this sounds like a good date. Avoid the stress of Christmas shoppers.

If you’d like some help this Christmas from the UK’s top Dating Coach then get in touch today.