How To Find Girls In London

When it comes to meeting girls and getting dates, a big part is knowing where to go. It’s not as easy as just “going out”. If the odds aren’t in your favour, then you’re likely to strike out. But why play a game of chance when you can make a ?

We’re going to look at the best places to meet the London ladies, on and off the internet.


Bars have always been a classic place to try and meet people. But, you may have no luck at your regular spot. You may know everyone already and rarely see new faces. When it gets to that point, it’s time to start going to different places and see who else you might be able to meet. If you’re not usually the type to go out, you may have no idea where to try first. While there are lots of great bars and nightclubs all over London, here are five to get you started:

1. The Understudy (South Bank)
2. The King’s Arms (Bethnal Green)
3. Anglesea Arms (South Kensington)
4. Oriole (Smithfield)
5. Nightjar (Old Street)

These particular bars have graced the travel websites as the must-visit bars of London. It’s also a great way to meet tourists, who might be interested in hanging out while they’re in town. Depending on on what kind of interactions you’re hoping for, this could be a major advantage.

Daily Activities


Don’t underestimate the likelihood of meeting someone while using public transit. If you want to learn how to find girls in London there are dozens of people getting on and off of every bus. You’re bound to make eye-contact with a few of them, if you’re open to the idea. Don’t wear headphones or be too wrapped up in the book you’re reading. Be open and look like you’re willing to communicate. If you see a lovely lady, say hello and offer a charming smile. You never know where a simple greeting might lead you.


If you head to cafes on your lunch break, use the same theory as above: No headphones, no books. Sit down with your coffee and your lunch and simple look around. Eye contact, smiles, the whole nine. This will bring you more opportunities for conversation. Most likely from single ladies who have also taken a liking to you.


There’s an old saying that “it’s all about who you know”. If you’re having trouble finding love, ask your mates! If you’re friendly with any co-workers, ask them for suggestions. Don’t turn down the idea of a blind date, or being set-up with someone. Your friends are going to pick someone you’ll like, trust in that. If you don’t hit it off with your blind date, you may make a friend out of the deal. Be open to new situations, because you’re looking for something new.



Onlinedaterbase is the perfect online dating site if you want to know how to find girls in London and the surrounding area. This is a simple application (or a website, if you’d rather be on a computer) that helps you to meet new people. There are two options: free and paid. Free accounts are reliable and they still give you quite a few options but you won’t ultimately get many results. A paid account lets you access bonus features, like seeing who has liked your profile. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot. If you decide you want to start paying for an account you’ll soon know how to find girls in London as it will be extremely easy.

The Inner Circle

This is a dating application that you might not have already heard of. Along with being a dating app, the creators use the information collected from users to help determine where exactly the single people are going. If you want to be a part of the consideration for single women, it’s not a bad idea to get on the app! Who knows? You might even meet someone. The thing about this application is that it markets itself as “selective dating”. There is a screening process for potential matches, which beats most other dating apps. There is also a calendar for offline events and meet ups! This can help you to take your dating game to the next level and meet people in person.