Online Dating Safety Advice from the UK’s leading Online Dating Coach

Online dating safety is an important topic for me. In our modern dating world more and more singles seem to be ditching the bar scene for a computer screen in their search of finding love. There are certain perks that go along with online dating; It allows people to learn about and quickly filter through potential mates, even before their first meeting. While this is a great concept, there are also safety issues that come with this method of dating.

Here are some important dating expert  tips on how to stay safe and have fun while looking for Mr/Mrs Right:

Transition quickly

The key to online dating is to move speedily from initial contact to a face-to face meeting. Too much messaging is problematic; what starts out as the quest for love can turn into a pen-pal style relationship. It’s the most obvious rule, but I must mention it anyway: when you do meet for a first date, keep it public at all times. It’s common sense online dating safety advice to let someone know where you’ll be going too.

Choose a popular, reputable service

Look for a website or app that keeps your information confidential, offers features that match your needs, and has a good amount of existing members. The bigger the pool, the more selection on offer. If you want something more serious you may choose to consider signing up with a matchmaking agency instead.

Create a great profile

Your profile should reflect who you are honestly without giving too much away. We have all come across girls with overly provocative pictures on show who complain that they cant find a ‘decent guy’…. How you market yourself, like everything else in this world, speaks volumes so do it well to avoid attracting scumbags.

Go with your gut

Read profiles with scepticism and look out for inconsistencies along the way. Unfortunately there are a few creeps as well as the ‘nice people’ floating online and not all show there true colours from the get go… trust your instincts if you feel uneasy about anyone. If someone or something doesn’t feel right then don’t be afraid to cut them off. 

Report fakes, frauds and predators

Use the systems provided to report members who don’t behave appropriately. If anyone you meet asks for financial help, no matter how small the request, immediately stop contact. There are some real ‘hard luck’ stories out there, but even if true, would you really like to start dating someone with money issues who feels no shame asking strangers for help?! Didn’t think so.

Hopefully these online dating safety tips have helped you feel more confident navigating the online dating world. Just remember to keep an open mind and enjoy meeting all the new people coming your way, the journey should be just as fun as the dating itself…

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