Getting back into the dating game, being a single parent, is a daunting task. You have been out of practice for so long. As a dating coach I work with many single parents so I know how confusing things are for them. Most of them are not even aware of the new changes taking place in recent dating sites. You have so many options to choose from nowadays from online dating sites to dating apps. You have to find a person who can adjust not just to your needs, but consider your child’s requirements as well.

What you Need to Consider First

There are some top tips available for a single parent dating, looking for a new life partner. Regain self-confidence within yourself, before plunging into another decision. Always remember, this decision will change the lives of you and your little one, forever.

Know when you are ready

Whether you have been divorced for six months or even six years, there is particular no “right time” to be a part of the single parent dating circle. It comes from within and only you will truly know this. Whenever you feel ready to accept a new person in your life, you can give it a try!

Know your requirements

There will be many key things that you are looking for in your new partner. What type of person are they?  Where do they work?  What do to they look like?  Do they want more children? Jot down those points, and go through those, before meeting them. Feeling confused after a nice date is not a good way to start a new phase in your life. So, you have to remember the points first, before going on a date.

Places to look for Single Parent Dating

Dating mediums have changed significantly, and so have you. Now, you are older and wiser, and will take decisions, after considering various points. You have a child in the picture so when you start dating someone knew you have to keep in mind the emotional attachment. Look the best online dating websites, which are new in the market, but with good reviews.

Make things clear

As you are meeting a new date after quite some time, you must be confused about exactly what information you need to be sharing.  It might be tempting not to mention your child to start with.. However, being upfront about your kids is extremely important. No one wants surprises, especially, when it revolves around children. If the other person isn’t interested then at least you can eliminate them quickly and find someone more suitable.

Have a Chat with your Kids

Your children are extremely emotional, especially, when they are now living with one parent. They are now closer to you than ever! So, if you want to introduce them to someone new, you should have a talk about it beforehand,


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