Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend or Stay Together? 


It’s never easy to have the “where do you see this going” conversation with someone. Unfortunately, there are times you can’t avoid the subject. If you’re in a relationship that feels like it’s going nowhere, it’s time to reassess what you’re looking for. You are wondering “should I break up with my boyfriend”  so it’s important you read on.


The first thing you need to do is decide, for yourself, what you want from the relationship. Sit down and really consider what your future looks like. Do you see your boyfriend in the picture with you? Does he fit or are you trying to make him fit? You may want to do a bit of soul-searching to find the answers. You may want time away from your boyfriend too. It’s normal to need some personal space. 


Once you’re confident you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to have that awkward conversation with your partner. You can text a man if it’s early days but if it’s not then it needs to be face to face.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be awkward. The fact is, all of us doubt our relationships at some point. It could be as simple as not spending enough time together. When we don’t set aside time for our partner, we tend to take the relationship for granted. This can leave the relationship feeling stale and the partner feeling unappreciated. Work is often a factor when it comes to stagnant relationships too. You or your partner are spending all their energy on work, leaving none for each other. If life is getting in the way of your relationship, it’s time for a vacation!


Naturally, vacations are expensive and sometimes unrealistic. If you can’t escape, then bring the escape to you. Instead of planning a vacation somewhere, plan for a stay-cation and stay at home. It doesn’t matter where the two of you are going. All that matters is that you’re spending quality time together, reconnecting as a couple. To do this, it’s a good idea to turn off your phones. Make yourself unavailable to the outside world. This will give you the opportunity to really focus on each other.


Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Or Try Something Different


Another way to get the relationship moving is by doing something spontaneous together. Instead of your typical date-night, try doing something completely different, maybe even a little bizarre. It can help to bring a new experience to the relationship. It gives you something new to talk about, and helps you to bond further as a couple.


Should I break up with my boyfriend or not then, Mr Dating Coach? Not every relationship can be saved. There are some relationships that just don’t have a future. This happens a lot when couples aren’t properly communicating their needs. Before deciding you should break up with your boyfriend, talk to him. An open line of communication can make all the difference, even if the conversation is uncomfortable. It’s better to be brutally honest and get on the same page. If you’re not looking for the same thing from one another, you’re wasting time. Make sure you’re both working towards the same goal. Also, make sure you’re not the only one putting in effort. If the relationship feels one-sided, that’s likely because it is. It may be time to find someone who is looking for the same things you are.


So there you have it. If you are still wondering ” should I break up with my boyfriend ” then perhaps it’s time to book a dating coaching call with me today.