What To Do When He Pulls Away From You 


We have all been in this situation: Our affections are not returned by the person we’re interested in. For some, it was never returned. For others, it seemed like everything was going great. Suddenly, he’s pulling away and you don’t even know what happened. It feels like you have to try to get his attention. He’s always busy at work or hanging out with his friends. It may feel like you’re not even a consideration anymore. If that’s how you’re feeling, and you are wondering what to do when he pulls away,  there is some good news!


You can get his interest back, simply by living your best life!


It’s time to stop looking for his attention and give it to yourself. This is the perfect opportunity for self-care. You already have so much to offer, but it’s never too late to pick up a new skill. You could even sign up for a class somewhere, expand your social circle, or even take up a new hobby. This can keep you busy, and make you more interesting as a person. It can also show your partner that you’re not reliant on them. You’re independent. It isn’t easy to distract yourself when you want someone’s attention, but it can be helpful in many ways. It helps to remind you that your relationship is only one of the aspects of your life. Spend more time with yourself. Hopefully you’ll realize that you have plenty to offer.


This is assuming his disinterest isn’t in you directly, but life. It’s important to remember this if you want to know what to do when he pulls away . He could just be feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us. Life can be draining, and sometimes you want away from all responsibilities. Relationships are work, and if he’s already overworked, then that’s probably why he’s pulling away in the first place. You just need to be patient, and allow him space. You want to show him that you’re patient and understanding. You want him to feel like he can come to you. You want him to see you as an uplifting aspect of his life, instead of something draining energy from him.


Of course, you have to be certain that you’re both on the same page. There’s a chance you’re not. You may be looking for something more serious when he’s looking for something more casual. If he feels there’s a pressure on the relationship, he’s going to pull away from you. It’s important to have this conversation with your partner. Truly listen to what he is saying. You don’t want to read into his words or hear what you want to hear. You have to hear what he is actually saying. It may be time to let him go, find someone who wants the same things as you. Knowing what to do when he pulls away sometimes means ending things even when you don’t want to. 


Communication is really important in every relationship. If you don’t feel like you can openly communicate with him, then he’s just not the one for you. You should always feel like you can talk to your significant other, about anything. When the communication starts to break down, that’s when the relationship starts to fall apart. There isn’t always a way to fix things after they’ve reached that point, so take care to keep your communication open.


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Hopefully you are now clearer about what to do when he pulls away from you . However, if you would like some personal support please book a dating coaching for women session with me now.