Where to meet single people?  We live in the age of dating apps and there are some great online dating sites too.  While these have become extremely popular, meeting single people in the real world is tougher than ever.  Everyone is afraid to talk to each other for fear of rejection.  People have their guards up and make being approached even tougher.  Approach anxiety is an increasing problem. As a Dating Coach I can understand this.  Who wants to me made to look silly in front of other people?

The good news is that it is still REALLY easy to get dates in the real world.  You just need to know what to do and not be afraid to give it a little try.

How can I tell someone is single?

Unless they are wearing a wedding ring, it’s hard to tell if someone is single on sight.  However, single people do things that coupled up people don’t as they have more time on their hands.  So they are much more likely to be doing things like hitting the gym, chilling out with a coffee or a reading a book in the park.  Watch them for a minute or so, just to make sure they are definitely on their own then go up and say hello.

How do I initiate a chat?

You can do one of two things.  Firstly, go up and ask a question.  You could ask for directions somewhere or their opinion on which top to buy for your “brother.”   When the chat is started you can start leading it in the way you want.  Or if you are feeling brave, pay them a compliment.  Men don’t get as many as women so it will mean more.  Compliment them on their clothes, hair or smile rather than their looks.  At the very least, you’ll make their day!

Where is the best place to know where to meet single people ?

If you want to know where to meet single people then you need to go where they are likely to be.  I teach my dating coaching clients to approach people in bookshops, when they spot people looking at the self help or dating books.  Singles events can be good too if you want quick access to possible dates. 

What is the biggest turn-off?

The biggest turn off is looking miserable!  Nobody wants to get to know someone boring or sad.  So whatever you do, smile and they won’t be able to help but smile back.

Is it best to be funny, sexy, goofy etc on first meeting?

Don’t try too hard but make sure that above all you are interesting.  You want them to be intrigued about you and have the chance to find out more. Whatever you are, be yourself…but be the best version of yourself. 

Remember, you didn’t know them before and if it doesn’t work you still don’t know them.  So nothing has changed and you’ve lost nothing!

If you’d like some help to learn where to meet single people the real world, get in touch now.