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One of the wonderful perks of coaching is that it can happen anywhere. I coach clients Worldwide! Although I do face to face sessions, I also love working by Skype or Phone.


Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette Online dating is a puzzle to many people. You never seem to get replies or people just stop talking to you for no reason. While there are likely reasons on their end for each of these actions, there's a chance it has something to do with your...

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Where to Meet Single People – Dating Expert Guide

Where to meet single people?  We live in the age of dating apps and there are some great online dating sites too.  While these have become extremely popular, meeting single people in the real world is tougher than ever.  Everyone is afraid to talk to each other for...

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Warning Signs in a Man’s Dating Profile

Warning Signs Despite the scam artists and guys who are just looking for a booty call, there are real gems to be had in the online dating world.  We’ve all seen the stories of couples who are perfect for each other meeting online. I know you want a piece of the...

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