10 Signs You’re in a One-Sided Relationship


Everyone wants to love and be loved. Unfortunately, not everyone we love is capable of loving us back. Many of us wind up in a one-sided relationship with no idea how to get out. It’s important to take the first step: admitting it. It’s time to come clean with yourself. If you recognize any of these 10 signs, you’re in a one-sided relationship.


1. Your partner is unreliable. In a healthy relationship, you can depend on your partner. Whether it’s for support or encouragement, your partner should be dependable. If your relationship is lacking support, there’s a good chance your relationship isn’t healthy.


2. Your partner is disinterested. Whether or not they enjoy it, your partner should still take an interest in your life. From asking about your day at work to cheering you on in a tennis match. The things that are important to you should also be important to your partner.


3. You make excuses for their negative behaviours. It’s not uncommon to try to defend your partner. However, if loved ones start to show concern about how often you’re making excuses, you might want to listen. You could be heading down a dangerous road.


4. You often worry about how your partner will react to something. You tip-toe around your partner, especially when it comes to bad news. You talk about your issues to other people and not your partner. You aren’t even comfortable approaching the subject with your partner. Every healthy relationship should have open communication.


5. Your partner always seems to get defensive. Any time you approach an unpleasant subject, your partner aims to change the topic. It feels like they are emotionally closed off. This often means you have to apologize just to keep the peace. Defensiveness can also be a sign of dishonesty, so keep your eyes open.


6. You are often dismissed when you try and bring up the relationship. It’s a clear sign that a relationship is one-sided when you can’t even mention it. You have the right to instil boundaries and talk about your feelings. If your partner can’t accept that, the relationship stands no chance. Again, communication is important in any relationship.


7. You seem to have more negative memories. You find that you’re struggling to see the positive things about your relationship. At the same time, you tell yourself that everything will be alright.


8. You start feeling bad about yourself. Without even noticing, you may find that you think less of yourself. You’re not as confident about things. You may have started feeling like you’re not “good enough”. These are signs your confidence has been shaken. You may benefit from some time away from your partner.


9. You are being approached by loved ones who are concerned. Often, it’s our loved ones who help us find our way out of dark places. These people are expressing their worry, which means they care about you and your well-being. Listen to those reach out.


10. You question whether or not you are in a one-sided relationship. The fact is, if you’re questioning your relationship, then you need to evaluate it. In a healthy relationship, you know where you stand.


There are no absolutes to lists like these. These lists exist to help you identify what is going on in your own life, but only as a guideline. Every relationship is unique. You can always contact a relationship coach to help you understand.