If you have body insecurities, you’re not alone; Dove recently discovered that 96% of women in the UK aren’t feeling confident in their own beauty, a saddening, overwhelming statistic that shines a light on our severe lack of body confidence, especially in the bedroom…

From stretch marks to freckles, most of us are insecure about something when it comes to our appearance, often leaving us feeling somewhat exposed between the sheets. However, whilst we might hold our tummies in or wear make-up to cover blemishes, our experts are here to tell you that the traits you’re insecure about are actually the parts of us that the opposite sex may love most!

As a cam girl from ‘Off The Record Models’, Hollie entertains all kinds of men from across the world, embracing her body and sexuality. However, body confidence isn’t something that Hollie has always had, but through camming she’s learnt to appreciate her individuality. She’s found that her biggest insecurities are actually the things that, more often than not, her clients are obsessed with! They find curves and stretch marks incredibly sexy, to name just a few, whilst fierce confidence and an ability to accept these traits also appears to be an insanely attractive quality.

Few cam girls fulfil the thin, glamorous cam girl stereotype, and for good reason! What makes us unique makes us most beautiful and men aren’t exempt from thinking this too. To help you transform insecurity into confidence, Hollie outlines ‘4 common insecurities that men actually adore…’

· Curves

One of the most common insecurities shared by British women involves our weight; a disappointingly large number of us worry that we’re too heavy, with this fear destroying our self-esteem and sexual confidence.

Through working as a cam girl I’ve learnt that curves are beautiful, truly. My clients are obsessed with my curves! They think they’re sexy, womanly and they really do shower me with compliments… they pay for my services, so they’re definitely not lying! This contributed to me coming to appreciate the femininity of a curvaceous figure.

· Freckles

My mum always told me off for covering up my freckles with make-up, she said they were a pretty feature that I should love. When I began camming I assumed that my viewers would prefer a glammed-up look but I was surprised to find that most actually prefer me when I’m at my most natural, which means less make-up! I was encouraged to show my freckles and in turn I started to appreciate that they really are a sign of unique, original beauty… before they were trendy, camming helped me to embrace my freckles.

· Stretch marks

As a mum, I have stretch marks! These weren’t something that I ever really hated because they of course came from my pregnancy, but in all honesty, I can’t say that they weren’t something I felt insecure about. I worried that when I started dating a new guy, they wouldn’t like my stretch marks (even if they didn’t say it!).

How did I test this? Rather unconventionally, I logged on and entertained hundreds of men online – it definitely gave me an objective sample! I’ve found that the majority of men embrace stretch marks, they’re natural, womanly and if you have the confidence to embrace them, this too makes you increasingly sexy!

· Tattoos

I’ve got several tattoos, some older than others… by that, I mean that there are some I regret (18-year-old me didn’t necessarily have the best taste). I always try to cover these tattoos up, especially when it comes to sex… I’ll manoeuvre myself into the craziest of positions to hopefully deter my partner from seeing these tats. However, I really do bare all on cam and surprisingly, my viewers love all of my tattoos! Whilst I might not like them, to others the overwhelming argument seems to be that ‘art is art’ and if you’re into tattoos then you’ll find most designs sexy.

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