How To Keep A Man Hooked

When you’ve met someone you’re interested in, ideally you want to see them again. If you’re wondering how to keep a man hooked, you’re going to hear “play hard to get”. While there is some value in that advice, there’s more to the game than appears!

One of the ways to keep a man hooked is by showing him that you appreciate him. That can be different for each person. If you’ve read anything about the Love Languages, you’ll know that people see gestures of appreciation differently. As you get to know him, you’ll learn what it is that makes him feel good. Although it’s good to boost his ego, that doesn’t mean you should shower him in constant praise. Use the compliments sporadically. Otherwise, it will make you come across as desperate or needy. That is not how to keep a man hooked. He needs space to live his own life, just like you should be living your own life.

Independence is a big factor when it comes to building a connection. No one wants the burden of becoming your whole world, so you need to have a life outside of him. You don’t need to be available 24/7. It’s important that you devote time to do your own thing. In addition to showing your independence, it gives you more to talk about when you do get together. For the same reason, you probably don’t want to text him a play-by-play of your day. When he asks, you can tell him the highlights of your day. Just make sure that you keep a little mystery. That will keep him wanting to know more, asking more questions. The more he asks about you and your life, the more interested he is.

That brings us to your social media habits. If you’re the type to post everything you do, you’re not leaving a lot of mystery. Instead of giving the world a play-by-play, try limiting your social media content. This means that you post pictures on Instagram less and when you do post, make it something that encourages him to ask questions. You might also want to avoid stalking his social media. It can be easy to lose too much time, and you really want to get to know him personally, not through internet posts. When you’re texting, try and keep that idea in mind. After all, you really can’t know someone unless you’re spending time face to face. Ideally, you want to get together. Try and make solid plans, and follow through. You’ll want to be flexible, but not a doormat.

You can try and get involved in his hobbies and passions. This might give you more chances to get together. If you don’t enjoy the same things as him, don’t pretend to. This happens too often and the result is never good. It’s okay to disagree.

Authenticity Will Keep A Man Hooked

The most important way to keep a man hooked is being yourself. There are too many fake people in the world living fake likes and posting it on social media. Men appreciate when they can connect with a genuine person. If you don’t feel like you’re interesting enough to keep a man hooked, try taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill. Self-improvement is a great way to enhance all the relationships in your life, from romantic to professional.

As a bonus: When you’re starting to text each other, you want to make your messages as concise as possible. This leaves less room for miscommunication and saves space in the chat. It’s hard to get through 5 consecutive messages. It’s also easy for the recipient to miss texts in between.