7 Phases Every Lasting Relationship Passes Through


Phase One: Everything Is Perfect


The first phase of any relationship is the “honeymoon phase”. This refers to the initial dating period as well. This is when you start to get to know someone on a more personal level. They are revealing hidden parts of themselves to you. Ideally, you’re letting your guard down with each other. In this stage of marriage, everything feels rosy. When the two of you are together, nothing else matters. Whenever you’re apart, you’re thinking of one another. You can’t wait to be with each other. It can often become consuming too. In many new relationships, people find themselves spending so much time with a romantic interest, they completely neglect ither areas of their lives. For instance, you or your partner may find that you’re slacking at work. You may hear from friends and family, possibly worried that you’ve become consumed. While you’re enjoying your honeymoon phase, be conscious of the people in your life who may feel neglected.


Phase Two: The Rose-Coloured Glasses Come Off


People always know when the honeymoon phase is over. This is where you start to see the flaws in the partner you thought was perfect. Every healthy lasting relationship reaches this stage. This is when the rose-coloured glasses come off. You stop seeing only the positives, and the negatives begin to kick in. You’ll start to notice little things about each other. For instance, your partner could have a habit of singing loudly and off-key. You may have thought it was charming at first, but now you’re finding it gets on your nerves. Maybe your partner never puts away their dishes. There are going to be noticeable flaws because everyone has their quirks.


As you get to know each other, you’ll start to see the flaws in your partner. This is when the rose-coloured glasses come off. There are going to be little things that start to annoy you. It could be that your partner sings too loud or they never rinse the dishes. There is always going to be something. Everyone has quirks, and everyone has flaws.


Phase Three: Take It or Leave It


You may find that you’re struggling to accept the flaws in your partner. This is when you need to decide if your feelings are strong enough to see past those flaws. Many relationships will not pass through this particular phase, instead opting to split up. A strong relationship will be able to accept the flaws in their partner and move on.


Phase Four: Finding A Balance


When you’ve accepted those flaws, you’re starting to find a balance between reality and the rosy feeling you had in the beginning. You may both need to make compromises. This is one of the most important phases of lasting relationship. You are building the foundation of your future together.


Phase Five: Becoming A Unit


Now that you’ve found balance, you’re becoming a unit. You’re growing together, becoming stronger every day. You are nurturing your relationship. You are accepting of each others’ flaws. You have found a healthy place together. You are two halves of a whole. This is the most grounded stage in a relationship.


Phase Six: The Unexpected


Every relationship that lasts will find itself in this phase at some point. Life has a habit of throwing curve balls. It could be the loss of a job or any other major life event. When you’re together long enough, you’re going to face something. It may cause a rift in your relationship. This is only testing how strong you really are.


Phase Seven: Smooth Sailing


You’ve made it through the curve balls of life. You survived everything that was thrown your way. You and your partner are clearly good together. You can communicate disagreements without them turning into arguments. You can also make it through the big events. It should be smooth sailing for the two of you. Although there may be random things that give you troubles, you will overcome it together. Congratulations.