Since you can’t avoid bad dates, it’s important to know how to make a bad date work for you. This is where a dating coach will be helpful to you. The best dating coach will help you to turn your negative experiences into positive ones. You will learn how to look at every situation from two different sides. While it’s easiest to blame someone 100%, both parties will share responsibility in a failed date. You’ll learn through coaching how to apply that to your personal love life.

You will also feel more confident once you’ve enlisted the help of a dating professional. Since confidence is what will attract others to you, you’re already going to be more successful. Of course, there are many other things that you’ll learn from a dating coach. Here is a short list of tips you’ll likely hear from the best dating coach:


Date often

Date with an open mind

Don’t play games with people

Don’t let people play games with you

Get on the same page as your date

Know your personal boundaries

Set your boundaries and stick to them

Let the situation progress naturally

Don’t force conversation/chemistry/intimacy

Don’t try to change someone or think about changing them

Don’t act eager or desperate

Be confident

Be yourself

Believe in your desirability

Learn from and analyze your experiences

Keep putting yourself out there


These are all great suggestions that you can start using today, with or without a dating coach. Of course, it’s easier said than done, right? Think about dating as a new work-out routine: it’s easy to lose focus when you start on your own path. By having a coach or trainer, you’re enlisting an accountability partner. That means you have someone to motivate you when you’re discouraged. That means it is easier to get back out there and stick to your plan. Dating is the same.


You can easily get discouraged after a few bad dates, even with a coach. This is why the best dating coach and coaching services suggest you may want to keep a dating journal. With a dating journal, you can keep track of the people you’ve met and how the date went. You can write down different things you said or they said. This is also helpful to refer back to if the relationship progresses. You’ll be able to remember things they said on the first date and reference them later. This shows the person you’re dating that you’re serious about them. A dating journal may also help you to understand where a date went wrong. If it happens often, you may even see a pattern! Of course, the best dating coach will tell you that it’s just important to consider your thoughts as it is to consider your actions.


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