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I am very excited to bring you my latest guest post from Adult Dating Blogger Lianne Young. Lianne is an intelligent, vibrant, well-spoken and humorous woman. She is an expert in sex and relationships, dating and helping people build sexual confidence. She will be writing some very special adult dating blogger posts which bring you inside her very entertaining love life.

Warning – contains adult content so please don’t read if this bad date story bothers you!

My Bad Date Story: The Tenerife trumpet 

Here is my real life bad date story. I met this particular date on? We had exchanged emails and phone calls over a couple of weeks and I agreed to join him on a long weekend break to one of the Canary Islands. 

Having never spent a night with him, it never crossed my mind that he would be afflicted by one of my pet hates – snoring. And I don’t mean just the odd pig grunt. I mean steam roller at high level snoring! 

We were staying at a luxury hotel on the island for a company event. 

Plenty of drinking in great surroundings was every girl’s dream. Or, at least, you would think so.? 

But when it came to actually hitting the hay this particular evening, he was so drunk he fell asleep quicker than planned. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for his sinuses. 

In all my life, I have never been so disturbed! 



Unfortunately, I had no other room to move to, no earplugs, and no more amount of alcohol would have knocked me out with his racket. Therefore I had no choice than to find a creative solution. I tried a few. 

First, I locked myself in the bathroom and phoned a friend. It wasn’t like the TV show ?“who wants to be a millionaire” with Chris Tarrant where you can ask a question. Rather, ?mine was more a favour and a big one – please get me a flight back to the UK the following day as early as possible. Laughing his head off, my friend agreed to help but only after I placed the phone on loudspeaker so he could hear the extent of my date’s olfactory commotion first hand! 

Second, and having secured my escape the next day, I tried to get some sleep. The only effective means I could devise involved rolling myself up in the luxury bedroom rug and covering my head with pillows. It wasn’t completely effective but it helped until I passed out eventually. By the time he awoke, I was gone. I left behind a “Dear John” letter saying a family member had passed away and I had headed to the airport. 

Needless to say I never saw or contacted him again. And I have not been to Tenerife since.? 

And from that day forward, I have always made sure there is always a spare room when I do date someone – just in case! 

I could go on for hours – even days writing about my disastrous dates. But I will leave it here for now and be sure to cover more of my dating experiences in my future articles. 


About Lianne Young

Lianne is an adult dating blogger.

Lianne is qualified via the Family Planning Association on sex education, law and policy.

She is also qualified in advanced business management and fitness training.

Her experiences of dating and her life knowledge will have you laughing, shocked, excited and educated in equal measure.

She is also an advocate for more open sexual attitudes, and changes to long-standing and hypocritical taboos against diversity in our society today.

Lianne Young


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