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Adult Dating Story :Beverly Hills Hotel 

This has to be one of the funniest dates I ever experienced.? I bring you a real life adult dating story.

I had known the guy in a business context for a little while. He was considerably older than me. And I was not attracted to him physically. But I found his company enjoyable, so I accepted his invitation to spend a day with him, being pampered in the piano bar at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

I can’t even remember his name, just the events of the day.? 

He was kind enough to pick me up from a friend’s apartment in his snazzy convertible and ferry me to the real celebrity side of town. On the journey, he pointed out the landmarks and beautiful scenery in the Hollywood hills.? 

Whilst driving, I enjoyed his sense of humour, which was as mad as mine. We looked like life long buddies, laughing, joking, and singing along to eighties’ songs on the radio as we drove. 

I had dressed elegantly that day because I had been forewarned we would be going somewhere up-market. I was wearing a short cream skirt (not too short), with a black top and black strappy shoes. Once inside the foyer of the luxury hotel, I blended in really well. Entering the lobby was amazing, what with the pure white, marble floors and cream walls accentuating the clean, internal design lines of the building. ? ? ? ?


We were directed towards the Martini bar. It was afternoon, so the place was rather quiet – at least until we started in on the Martinis that were on offer. The place had a drinks’ menu which put to shame any bar I had ever been in, and I had seen the inside of a few in my time. 

We spent a few hours drinking neat Martinis and did not go unnoticed by the hotel guests.? 

One elderly dame, who had to have been at least 80, decided to come to my rescue. She perched herself at my elbow, tugged at my arm, and politely asked me if I was okay. “Why would I not be okay?” I replied, just as politely. My guardian angel said “I have been watching that man taking advantage of you; trying to get you drunk.” To which I replied “Oh don’t worry, he’s my uncle”; and that “I didn’t need any help to get drunk because I was quite capable of doing that by myself”. 

She must have become bemused shortly after our exchange because, even though I was not attracted to my companion, the alcohol we had consumed throughout the afternoon must have taken its toll and she would have seen this “niece” kissing her “uncle”. Of course, I was polite, and sober enough, to thank the woman for her kind concern before assuring her there was no need for worry because he was not trying to get me into bed. I smiled in a friendly fashion and she left us to our own devices. Not long after that, when we realised how drunk we were, it was time to drive back to the valley. 

He had been such charming company but, as I have said, even with the assistance of alcohol to cloud my judgement, I did not find him attractive. This had to be made perfectly clear 10 minutes later when he insisted we should take the opportunity to look around the grounds of the hotel. The landscape architecture was impressive, including amazing flower beds connected by a myriad of walkways. Whilst I was admiring the scenery, my companion pounced and tried to shove his tongue down my throat. Fortunately, he missed, lost his footing and landed both of us face down in one of the flower beds, revealing my G-stringed bottom for all to see. 

I had spent a memorable afternoon with what’s-his-face and the hospitality had been fantastic. But it was well past time for us to part company; and I could not think of a better way of saying farewell than with flowers. At least, I was wearing a grin when I had straightened my clothes. 

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