Cheap Dates in London Guide

Finding cheap dates in London can be a challenge, depending on where you’re looking and how actively you’re doing it. An even bigger challenge is deciding where to take that date once you’ve secured it. It’s all well to say you’ll just make up a plan. But, if you end up at a place that’s a little over your budget, you’ll either look like a fool or end up broke. So, it’s better to have an idea of the less-expensive dates you can head out on.

Camden Market

One of the best places for cheap dates in London is Camden market. All you have to do is stroll around by the canal and look at the many things available. You and your date have the chance to talk, while also being in public. Neither of you will feel pressured about being one-on-one, while you’ll both be able to open up about yourselves. You don’t have to buy anything while you’re strolling, but you may decide to grab a bite to eat. There are many inexpensive places in Camden market. You can always grab something and head to a park to enjoy your snack!


Yes, going to the theatre is an old-fashioned date, but with such low ticket prices, it’s also a cash-saver. You can take your date out for a nice evening, catching a timeless classic performed on stage. The two of you can laugh and have a good time, all while preserving your hard-earned cash. Plus, it’s a fancier dress date, so although it’s inexpensive, it feels more costly. Of course, you don’t have to have a tuxedo or ball-gown. Just, don’t show up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt, either. This is a great option, but doesn’t allow too much conversation. Still, it’s a good way to spend time with someone.

Drink Shop & Do

This is a perfect date idea, because it includes a drink and activities. The activities are usually free of charge, so the only cost you have to pay is for a coffee or a cocktail, which are inexpensive. Some of the activities have included: crafts, literary activities, performance art and even fun competitions. If you’re interested in checking out their activity calendar, you can visit their website here: Because of the mixture of activities, this is a fantastic date idea. You have the chance to talk among yourselves, while also including others if you want to. This can make a first-date much easier for both parties. If you head over on a craft day, you’ll both get a souvenir of the date too!

Experience Nature

There’s nothing quite as cheap as free, right? Taking a nice stroll with your date is a free, but effective, date idea. You’re not going to want to walk for hours and hours, but, who knows? Sometimes, you get so lost in conversation you just forget about where you are. You may end up spending hours together on a nice stroll. Just make sure the weather is conducive to that plan! It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold if you’re planning on spending time outside. For conversation, this is the best idea. You can always grab a coffee or a drink after the walk, just to add something more to the date.

Remember, any of these ideas can be used together, to create a unique experience. Mix and match. See what works best for you, personally. You may end up grabbing a drink and heading back to your place. If that is what you and your date want. But never expect that from a dating experience. Always show up prepared to awe and amaze your date. That way, you will!

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