Dating Apps Cheating – How To Stop It and What Counts?

There are dozens of applications you can download, whether for play or for work. It stands to reason you can download just as many to find love or friendship. Unfortunately, there’s no restriction on the creation of applications and some rather immoral ones are out on the market. This is referring to the applications designed to help people cheat on their significant other. One of the most common dating apps that cheaters use is Tinder (and every variation including Grindr & Blendr). Not everyone on Tinder is looking to cheat, but it sure makes finding someone easier.

With the readily available cheating applications on the market, your first question should be: Do I need to be concerned?

If you’re not sure how to answer that, here are some signs to look for that may suggest your partner is being unfaithful:

– Are there issues in the relationship?
– Has your partner stopped talking to you?
– Do you feel like you’re drifting apart?
– Has the intimacy stopped between the two of you?
– Does your partner always want to spend time without you?

These aren’t always warning signs of a cheater. It could simply be that you need to communicate more. However, most cheaters do exhibit one or all of these traits.

Now that you know what to look for, you may ask: What really counts as cheating? What is micro cheating? Many people have their own definition of what cheating is. For some, it’s as simple as the intent of finding another person. Others reserve the word for physical intimacy outside of the relationship. You may have your own definition and that’s fine. Cheating is cheating. You define the act as you feel slighted by the actions. That is your right but be reasonable about some things. For instance, looking at someone else is not cheating and it’s not micro cheating either!

Fantasising about someone else usually doesn’t count either. These are natural reactions and most people can’t control their wandering minds. It’s only when their hands start to wander that you really need to get concerned. With that said, the digital age has brought up a new method: Sexting. If you find out your spouse has been dirty talking with someone else, you might feel they are being unfaithful to you. That is your call and many others share the same opinion. If they are sending pictures as well, it’s definitely fair to feel they are being unfaithful. Before jumping into defensive mode, try telling your partner that you’re uncomfortable with it. Talk is the most important thing because it will help you and your partner to understand the boundaries of the relationship. Open communication is key, especially when it comes to preventing infidelity.

The most important question regarding dating apps cheating is: How do I prevent it? Anyone who has been the victim of infidelity will tell you they noticed the signs. Maybe not before, but certainly in hindsight. If you notice the signs, it may not be too late. The leading cause of someone cheating is feeling a disconnect from their spouse. It’s important that you set aside time that is exclusive to the two of you. Learn to communicate, even if that means getting couples dating coaching. Of course, there are some people who do dating apps cheating for fun. We can’t completely rule that out. But for the most part, cheating is a mistake that is made in moments of emotional weakness and the need to feel close to someone. If you are both making an effort to spend quality time together, cheating isn’t likely to become an issue.