Tinder Guide to Get You More Likes

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows to connect with new people outside of your social network but in your geographical area. There are tons of profiles, but many just can’t seem to get noticed. Don’t fear, here are a few tips in my new Tinder guide to help you out! 

Be aware of your background

No one wants to see your toilet, toothpaste covered mirror, messy bedroom, or a sink full of dishes. Take dating photos that have a neutral background or at least one that is interesting. In addition, don’t take pictures at places notorious for bad hook-ups.   

Post several photos

Having at least 4 dating photos is going to help you get noticed, just make sure they don’t all look similar. For instance, smile, frown, different angles, and snapshots that others have taken of you, are all good choices. This lets people know that you are a real person, not a mannequin. In addition, some people might find that one photo unattractive.  

Pixilation is not your friend

Don’t use the front facing camera on your phone. Most of them take pixilated photos. Use the rear facing camera or have a friend take some photos for you.  

Just say no to group photos

On average a person will look at your photo for 2-4 seconds. If they can’t figure out which person is you, they are likely to swipe left and move on.  

Take time to write a biography

Yes a lot of people are just on there to “hook-up” and won’t read it, but some people will. If they like what they read they’re more likely to swipe right, which will get you noticed.  

Current photos are key

Don’t post photos of yourself from two or three years ago, people change every year, so post photos taken over the past few months. 

It isn’t solely a hook-up app

Keep this in mind, Tinder is whatever you make it. If you are on there to hook-up take pictures accordingly. Keep in mind how you are dressed in your photos. If you are showing too much, people might misinterpret your intentions.  If you have marriage goals then you probably would do better on an online dating site or a more serious dating app.

Show them who you are

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then take photos of yourself doing things you love. This will tell them more about you and types of things you are interested in. 

Go for cute instead of sexy

If you intend to use Tinder as a dating app, don’t post “sexy” dating photos, and instead go for cute, modest pictures. It’s ok to show a little skin, but steer clear of cleavage and poses that might make you look too easy.  

Natural lighting is your friend

Try taking photos outside during the “golden hour”, in the morning or in the evening when the sun is hanging low in the sky. Everyone looks their best at these times, might as well take advantage! 

As you can see, it isn’t that difficult, you just have to be mindful and put your best face forward (literally). Make sure you take pictures that truly represent you and what you are looking for. Lastly, be patient! There are probably thousands of photos of people to swipe through, even if you live in a small town.

If you enjoyed reading my Tinder Guide and are ready for the next step  – please book a dating coaching session with me.