If you’re single and looking for romance and serious relationship, you’re probably familiar with Tinder.

This is the newest dating app which completely dominated the U.K dating scene. This site pairs single individuals who find one another “mutually attractive”.

Based on a research, Tinder have over 50 million active users.  Of these, the majority will find themselves checking their Tinder account almost eleven times daily and spend over 90 minutes a day using it. Believe it or not, even celebrities are joining and can have their own verified profiles.
If you have tried it and felt disappointed because no one is interested in you, your luck is about to change. Below are some effective ways that will show you how to use Tinder successfully.

How to Use Tinder: Smile

If you’re in a bar moodily staring away in the distance while pouting, I’m telling you that nobody will ever dare approach and get to know you. This situation is not different from Tinder; you need to smile so that men or women can see your positive, happy side. As a dating expert I can tell you that smiling is attractive and sexy…. unless you are missing a front tooth.

Full Body Photo

If you’re bothered about your shape; don’t worry; there will always be lots of people who want to get to know you. You don’t need to hide your body and show just headshots.  Besides there will hopefully soon come a time when you will meet up face to face. Remember that confidence is “beautiful” and this will make you stand-out from the multitude of “Pouting face from a high angle in dim light selfies” type photos which plague Tinder.

Profile Picture

There are some singles who love using group profile photos. This is not how to use Tinder successfully. If you really want to stand out, you need to make use of a photo which does not show anyone else. Your first photo on Tinder is essential, if the person looking at your profile isn’t sure who you are then they can easily close and look for another profile which is much interesting.

Use An Original Tagline

If you’re using  a dull tagline like “work hard and play hard” on Tinder, you must immediately change it. Keep in mind that the tagline serves as your “golden opportunity” to show how intelligent, witty, kind, fun, sophisticated, warm, personable, and generous you are in a short statement.

How to Use Tinder: Avoid Selfies

You don’t need me to tell you that selfies will stop you getting more attention on Tinder. They give the impression that you have no friends and there is nothing attractive about you posing half naked in a mirror.

Connect Instagram

Unlike social networking sites, Tinder only allow users to upload 6 photos. BUT you can link your Instagram account to your bio and extend the amount of shots on display. This is the place where your selfie photos can be seen and are acceptable as they are just part of a bigger collection. For men, this is the right area for you to get a woman interested. Since they are worried about meeting creeps or weirdos, your Instagram account will convince them that you’re safe, honest, fun and interesting.

Good luck!

James Preece is a dating expert and a leading relationship coach.  He will teach you how to use Tinder and online dating sites to get more dates.