New Call for Dating Bloggers !

I’ve already had a great response to this and will be adding some wonderful blogs over the next month.  If you’d like to join in please contact me asap!

Are you a dating blogger or a dating site owner?  I have a great opportunity for you for a very limited time.  I’ve opened this back up now to do popular demand.

I was very honoured to be a judge for the Dating category for the UK Blog Awards. This has meant that I’ve been reading many many articles from all the best dating bloggers and dating sites in the country. Some made me laugh, others made me think…but it also got me thinking about how many talented writers there are in the UK.

It also made me realise it was time to up my own “dating game” and improve my own dating blog, especially the frequency of posts.  The problem I have is that my time is very limited, so I don’t always have time to write as much as I would like to.

So, in order to help all you dating bloggers out there, I’m opening up my site to guest dating bloggers for a few months. Or even if you’ve never written anything before but fancy having a go.  If you have a story you’d like to tell or dilemma you want my readers to help with then get in touch today.  I will of course include a link back to your site or blog so my readers can check you out too.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy your content.

I normally charge if a dating company wants to place a guest blog on my site.  After all, I get lots of traffic and plenty of readers. However, I’ve decided to open this free opportunity up to everyone as an experiment.  The only exceptions are other dating coaches or adult dating sites. Otherwise that could damage my own website which wouldn’t be good for anyone!

Dating Bloggers Application

There are a few conditions:

  1. You must contact me first to agree the topic
  2. All posts must be original content of at least 400 words
  3. I would like a guest blog on your own site in return. This can either be a advice piece or you are welcome to interview me!
  4. Deadline is the 31st September

If this interests you then do get in touch.  If you aren’t sure what to write about then I’m open to giving you some pointers and discussing ideas. I’d love to hear from all you dating bloggers today.

Speak soon!