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Dating Coach London Expert James Preece brings you his latest dating advice.

As an older woman, the dating pool can be even more challenging. You may have a variety of options but they won’t all seem appealing. Most women reach certain peaks as they hit their 40’s which men reach them much earlier. This has led to older women dating younger men. It seems to make sense genetically but in reality it doesn’t quite work.

You might be wondering where you may meet a younger man who is interested in dating someone older. It would be great to think social clubs or singles events are the best way to meet new prospects. In most cases, they would be. But how do you approach a younger man you’re interested in? It can be nerve wracking or even embarrassing. You don’t want to go through that kind of rejection just because you want to meet a partner. You need to find younger men who as open minded as you.

Look at the Options

You may consider trying a dating agency and there are some that specialise in helping younger men meet mature partners. Not surprisingly, they are few and far between though. As a result, they aren’t a great choice for women seeking this type of relationship.

Some people like to try niche dating websites that pair young men to older woman. Here, you won’t have to worry about being judged for wanting the same thing. However, expect to have many young men trying to talk to you as soon as you’re joined! It’s very common to be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this pairing is a double standard to a degree. Young men are encouraged by friends and peers to try dating an older woman. It’s considered a score and they are rewarded with praise. They also get to experience a more mature relationship than they are used to with women their own age. It’s a complete win for them. For you, an older woman on a site like this, your peers may cast judgement. They may think there is something wrong with you for wanting a younger man.  Please remember that’s there issue and not yours!

Don’t be Concerned

There is a stigma around this type of pairing. Some people think it’s wrong for someone to date below their own age bracket. As an older woman, you might hear that you’re corrupting the younger mind of the gentleman you are dating.  Unfortunately, there is no way to change other peoples’ opinions. They are only going to believe what they have been taught to believe. The only opinions that matter are those in the relationship. If either of you are questioning the pairing, it’s best to split. Don’t let that separation be because of insecurities! Remember that no one else understands the bond you share with someone else – regardless of the age. Only you do. If you do so don’t let other people spoil it for you.

Embrace the Experience

This can be a great thing for you both. You can take the opportunity to explore different sides of the dating world, combining age and experience, with youth and energy.

Now, some may ask me as a Dating Coach London Expert and Dating Mentor how to act in a relationship such as this Do you hold hands in public, or fear the reaction of other people? Is it best to keep it quiet, or do you tell the world? There is no right or wrong answer about how to act. It’s all about what you’re the most comfortable with. If you’re both happy to have found each other, feel free to shout it from the rooftops. Never let someone else silence you about your joys in life. It’s important that you’re on the same page about telling everyone though. Most of all, establish your boundaries and discuss what you’re comfortable with.

Communication is the key to every relationship, after all. Age doesn’t change that.

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