Are you looking for a great way to escape a bad date ?

There can be numerous awkward moments destined to take place in a lifetime. Sending a text to the wrong person, waving at someone you think you know but you really don’t, telling the joke but forgetting the punch line and the list goes on. One of the most painfully awkward scenario includes being on a bad date and not knowing what to do next.

From what to wear and where to go, these are all the things to consider before going on a date. The last thing that you don’t consider and least expect is what to do when the date goes sour, boring and bad. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. So we have heard, but when the date goes bad, you run!

So let’s take into consideration the ways in which you can escape the next time you want to know how to escape a bad date.

Have A Friend Call you

This is a technique that people have been using for ages but it never gets old. The deal is to text your friend to call you and while on call pretend to be in a rage of anxiety, like its some emergency. Then hang-up and apologize to your date about the preposterous circumstances that have arisen.

Make them leave

Ask your date about what they want in a partner and the obnoxiously start acting like crazy. Become the complete opposite of what they like and irritate them. Truth be told, it will be a bad date for both of you and the other person will just leave you in peace.

The Sick leave

Tell them that you are allergic to the onions you accidentally ate or that you have a stomach ache. Of course this will work best with some dramatic pitch in the voice.

Spill that Wine

If you can’t pretend and don’t have a thing for the dramatics, then it is advisable to spill a drink on yourself. This way, not only will you rush out of the door, he/she will not make you stay long either.

Crazy Ex

Pretend that you just saw your ex and the things between you two didn’t end so well. Make a sad face and stay that way. They will take the clue that you aren’t over your ex and they will simply let you go.

Spill the Beans to escape a bad date

At the end, truth conquers all. Be polite and without fooling around, just say that you think that you two might make great friends but more than that, you just don’t see it.

With the advent of internet dating, it is not an easy job to scan a guy/girls profile. At times even the perfect cyber eye can’t catch what the reality can. This goes not just with online dating but with real life ask outs too. You perceive someone as being your type but they turned out to be the opposite. The issue is not with a bad date but the way we react to a bad date.

James Preece is the UK’s leading Dating Coach and Relationship Expert .  He is available for one to one dating coaching, pr campaigns and much more.