Are you wondering why you didn’t hear from them after your first date?

You have to understand that dating is a very complicated matter. This is especially true during the initial stages of a relationship. If you have recently dated a “great guy” and you thought that your date was good, then why he didn’t call you? Men do not expect women to call them and they only call those whom they find interesting enough to date again.

If you happen to meet him from an “online dating site”, there’s a big possibility that you didn’t meet his expectations. He probably dreamed about you, about your looks, personality and so on, and finds you totally different in person. Expect that guy’s thoughts can run wild, and once they put someone on the pedestal, expect more possibility of screwing-up the first date. The reason why you didn’t hear from him again is that you didn’t match the vision they have in mind.

Below are three Dating Coach reasons why you didn’t hear from them again after their first date.  With these , there are tips you can instantly use to become the “woman” a man will surely adore and cherish.

As mentioned above, you just aren’t the “woman” he is looking for. This is the most direct and biggest reason why they don’t call, regardless if you have thought that the date you had was extremely good, that you both had a wonderful time, and you think he felt the same; you might be assuming things. Bear in mind that it’s possible for men to enjoy the day, there are times that they even find you attractive. However, he probably felt strong attraction and connection with you. Once he fails to feel romantic attraction towards you, he will never exert any effort to see you or even call you.

Some men feel that they are the “man” you’re looking for. Rejection serves as one of their worse feeling. Once a woman he is attracted to shows less interested, they feel rejected and frustrated. You need to provide crystal clear signal to let him know that you’re having a good time and you’re also attracted to him to dismiss miscommunication and false rejection. Once they feel rejected, he will never call since this will risk having rejected again. This is a common issue for those women who are nervous or shy during first date. There are times that being “shy” can be taken as being “uninterested”. Once your date mistook your nervous or shy nature for being uninterested or bored in him, expect that he will never ever call you again.

Your man probably noticed a “deal breaker”. He might be interested and attracted to you but the time you have spent together showed something was wrong. Men are not willing enough to accept that. For example, you have discussed your past relationship and you shared that you cheated on your past boyfriend. He might have discovered that you smoke which he was not aware of before. There are some women who make it really clear they want to have kids and get committed. Probably your interest is completely opposite from him and he feels that it might cause possible issues in a relationship. All this can be their reason, potential “deal breakers” keep them from “calling” you after your first date.

If you are still wondering why you didn’t hear from them again it’s time to meet a new man today .