Dating in Lockdown is an opportunity of a lifetime!

If you’re hoping to meet someone new during the quarantine, it’s time to get creative! It may feel impossible, but there are many methods of meeting people that have been overlooked in the past. Right now is the best time to jump into online dating, even if you’ve never tried before. Membership rates are growing with more people looking to make a real connection. Hook-ups are off the table, so users are also taking the online dating experience more seriously. Despite physical limitations, singles are in full-swing. Everyone is looking to find someone they can canoodle with once the pandemic passes.

There are a few benefits to dating in lockdown and dating during quarantine. 

Taking Your Time

Since most people are physically distancing themselves, there is no rush for a “first date”. Instead, many singles are opting to spend more time communicating online. Interactions that may have only lasted a few days are now going to last weeks. This actually means that people are taking time to court one another, rather than rushing for a hook up.

Getting To Know Each Other

Along with courting, singles are taking more time to get to know each other. They don’t want to take any risks by meeting someone new. Instead, there are different methods that people are using to connect. These methods include phone calls and video calls. It isn’t quite as romantic as a first date in person, but it’s certainly a safer option.


Instead of meeting up with multiple people, singles during the pandemic are forced to narrow their searches. This isn’t limited to sexual contact, but any physical interactions. You don’t want to risk getting sick, so it’s better to limit contact. If you do choose to meet someone, you’re going to want to take any contact slow. You’re also going to want to insist on exclusivity, even if it feels too early. You have to limit who you’re coming into contact with, after all.

Improved Apps & New Faces

As the pandemic has changed the world, it has also impacted the dating world. Many dating applications and websites are adjusting to provide a better service to their members. One of the changes being made is the implementation of video calls. This gives many people the chance for a new connection. You’ll also have the luxury of seeing new faces, as many people are looking for a way to solve boredom. You have more of a selection and new ways to connect. There is really no down side to online dating at the moment.

Remember, if you’re feeling lonely, you can always reach out to someone via phone or text. It is important to maintain social interactions right now, as it will keep you from feeling cut off from the rest of the world. You can schedule a group call with your work friends for Friday night drinks or video-chat a brunch with your bestie. Set time aside to keep connected. If you can connect with a dating coach l, you many want to do that.

Dating in Lockdown won’t last forever so make the most of it now!

James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
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