Quarantine Conversations Starters That Aren’t About The Virus

Many dating websites are sharing analytics of how users are changing their online behavior. For instance, many dating websites have seen an increase in real conversation. People aren’t rushing to meet up at the moment, so more time is going into getting to know someone. Unfortunately, many people are discussing the virus at lengths. The word “coronavirus” appears in almost 1/5 messages sent. Pick-up lines involving the quarantine were crafted quickly and put into action. They are not the best quarantine conversation starters  for successful dating though.

While there’s nothing wrong with making light of the situation, it’s nice to get away from the subject. Instead of discussing the virus and any limitations that it has caused, try a lighter subject. Ditch the pandemic talk and simply focus on yourselves. You’re both trying to make a connection, so get to know each other. Right now, you have an undetermined amount of time before you can meet in person. Take advantage of this extra time. Here are a few Quarantine conversation starters to set you on the right path:

The best thing to do on your first date is play “asking” games. It’s a good way to get to know your potential partner. You can ask serious questions or you can ask light-hearted questions. By asking them questions, you can learn about what is most important to them. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about someone else by just talking without anything else to do. There are many question-based games you can play too.

Quarantine Conversations Starters Games

21 Questions
Never Have I Ever
Would You Rather
This or That
Top 5

Since you’re at home with access to the internet, you can also use Google to find random questions. You can make a game out of asking questions as well. You could assign points to questions and award them when the questions are answered. Since there are no right or wrong answers, you can deduct or simply not award points when someone doesn’t want to answer a question.

Ideally, you’ll want to connect through video. This gives you an experience similar to sitting face-to-face. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone as they answer questions. You can read their reaction and analyze their posture for signs of where you should bring the conversation next. Although it’s nothing compared to meeting in person, it still provides you with some connection. The important thing is that you try and get creative with your video dating.

Of course, if you find that asking questions seems to be getting too personal, you can always switch to something lighter. You can play card games or online games together. You can even hook up on Netflix and watch the same movie or show. The options are almost limitless as long as you can use your imagination. If you have the resources, you could even create a “set” around your phone or camera. This could give the illusion that you’re not sitting at home.

The most important part of video dating, similar to any dating, is that you have a good time. If you need some help, I’ve now set up a virtual dating coaching service to practice your skills!