How Do You Know If You’re In Love

Many of us would like to believe that it’s easy to read our own emotions. This is true for some people, but for many of us, it’s inaccurate. It’s easy to confuse a bad feeling with simply nerves or anxiety. It’s easy to think we are in love when we’re actually feeling infatuation or lust. Many of our emotions feel similar to other emotions and that makes it hard to know what we’re really feeling. Being able to tell the difference between love and lust is crucial if you’re looking for a serious relationship. You don’t want to spend time getting to know someone to find out that you didn’t like them the way you thought you did. It’s better to know than to play a guessing game with your emotions.

This list should help if you are asking yourself how do you know if you’re in love. Here are 30 signs that you’re in love

You’re always checking to see if this person messaged you.
You often re-read the messages this person has sent you.
You feel like you can talk to this person about anything.
You often find yourself talking about the future with this person.
You’re always talking about this person to your friends and family.
You see things all around you that make you think of this person.
You want to know everything about this person.
You make mental notes about what this person likes and doesn’t like.
You’re willing to make little sacrifices for this person.
You are happy when this person accomplishes something (even when it doesn’t involve you).
You find it easy to be around this person.
You find yourself willing to do anything just to spend time with this person.
You tend to lose track of time whenever you’re with this person.
You always have a good time with this person.
You enjoy boring things as long as you’re with this person.
You feel butterflies in your stomach when you think of this person.
You feel addicted to being around this person.
You miss this person when they are not around.
You don’t worry if it takes this person a while to respond.
You don’t get super jealous or suspicious about this person.
You aren’t worried about introducing this person to your friends and family.
You are excited to make this person a part of your life.
You want this person to be a part of your major life events.
You aren’t worried about this person hurting you eventually.
You aren’t worried about scaring this person away.
You feel happier since you’ve been with this person.
You find it easy to be yourself around this person.
You learn things about yourself because of this person.
You want to share all your stories with this person.
You feel confident in your relationship with this person.

Do you have the answer to “how do you know if you’re in love ” now? Of course, knowing the signs doesn’t help you completely. Many of these qualities are present when you have a general interest in someone. If more than half of these statements apply to you, then you’re likely in love. If you’re not sure about some of them, you may be projecting your emotions. If you want to fall in love, you may trick yourself into believing that you are. Unfortunately, this is only self-sabotage as it never lasts in the long run. So how you do know if you’re in love? You may want spend some time alone and really ask yourself how you feel.