How to Approach a Guy – Dating Coach Tips


The world of dating is, by far, one of the most confusing things you’ll ever have to contend with. After all, you may have friends that tell you that you’re catching a guy’s attention while the “haters” think you’re acting desperate.  So you need to learn how to approach a guy .


The hardest thing a woman will face is coming across to a man she’s interested in as anything but needy and desperate. She must be confident in herself and be a bit flirty too… both without crossing a line. 


But, where is this line? How can a woman effectively learn how to approach a guy and begin talking to him without looking desperate? As a leading dating coach for women I’ve put together some great tips for you.


3 Tips To Successfully Approach A Man You’d Like To Date


Wear Clothing That Captures Your Essence


If your goal is to get a man’s attention, then you need to make yourself pleasantly noticeable. That doesn’t mean showing off a lot of cleavage or wear short shorts. You want to come across as someone can capture a room’s attention without setting off warning bells in their head. The idea behind clothing is to produce a non-verbal communication between you and others. Your clothing will speak volumes about who you are and what you’re like. Don’t wear eccentric clothing to get noticed, as that leads to negative attention.


Have Confidence In Yourself 


Confidence is key when it comes to learning how to approach a guy and capturing their attention. And, when it comes to dating, it’s extremely important in your success. Appearing confident, even when you don’t feel it, makes a man think you are. When you see a guy you like, the idea is to create an air of confidence around you. You want to come across as if you belong where you are… at that moment.


Of course, you need to be careful here. Being overly confident in yourself could portray you as a know-it-all.


Make That Important First Move Yourself


While women often think their approaching a man causes a blow to the man’s ego, it’s actually the reverse. Men love the idea when women approach them because it relieves pressure off them to make moves.  So, instead of waiting, go ahead and make a move that makes him notice you.


How do you this?


There are a number of ways but, most importantly, by being interested in what he likes. Does he have an interest in a sport? Do you like it as well? Consider bringing this up. Is there something you both seem to have a passion for? Then talk about it.  By showing him there is a common ground between you two, the chances are better that the conversation could become much more down the road.


Women often stay wallflowers because they feel it’s a man’s duty to make the first move or that by making the first move, she’s desperate for a man’s attention. However, this isn’t the 1950s or 1960s anymore. Today, it is absolutely OK for a woman to approach a man she wants to talk to and potentially date. 


So, if you’re interested in a man, use the above three tips to strike up a conversation with him. It may just work in your favour.