How To Save A Struggling Relationship

Do you want to save a struggling relationship? Everyone hopes when they enter a new relationship that it’s going to last. Whether that’s forever or for a long time depends on the view of the people in that relationship. Sometimes, the break ups are messy. Sometimes, they are mutual. Other times, they aren’t wanted.

If you don’t want your relationship to go from on the rocks to over, here are some of my top dating coach tips.

The first thing you need to do when you notice your relationship is lack luster is evaluate. Take a good hard look at the entire relationship so far. Can you think of where you noticed it all went wrong? Is the relationship where you envisioned it being at this point? Do you see a future together, or are you just spanning time? These are good questions to ask yourself. They are also good questions to ask your significant other, because communication is my next tip.

When you start to notice the relationship is lacking, you need to bring it up. It might start a fight, but it’s necessary. You can’t dwell on the feelings by yourself. There’s a good chance if you’re feeling estranged from the struggling relationship, so is your partner. Try bringing it up gently. Don’t walk into a room or say over dinner “I think our relationship is over”. There are better ways to approach serious concerns. You should always consider the reaction of your words. Find the words that will have the softest impact and say them when they will do the least damage. Especially when it comes to the subject of a relationship that feels like it’s falling apart. Because there’s a good chance your partner will jump into the defensive mode and say that maybe you should just end it. That’s not what you want at all.

There’s a more fun approach you can take to try and spark some romance. Pretend you’re back in the early dating stage. Do sweet little things to impress your special someone. Plan a romantic date or spontaneously go on a holiday. The longer you’re with someone, the more important it is to keep doing those little things. Your significant other will notice those small gestures.

One of the reasons that relationships tend to fall apart in the first place is because of past grudges. Whether it was an unfinished argument, a date you were late for, or that one slip up that could have ruined the relationship. You need to forgive each other for the actions of the past in order to move into a tranquil future. If there are some secrets you’ve been keeping, let them out as well. It’s actually a sign of trust. Your partner will see that you’re giving them a new piece of yourself.

When it comes to making a struggling relationship work, there are three main steps you have to take: Ask. Listen. Act.

Ask what your partner thinks of how you’re feeling. It’s one thing to share your concerns and emotions, but it’s another to ask how they feel about it. It’s important to know where you’re both coming from. Listen to their answers. There’s no point in talking if you’re not listening. If you’re not listening when it’s the most important to, that might be why the relationship feels like it’s failing. Take action based on the conversation. Remember that words have no value without action. You need to say what you feel and act on those same words.

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