Dealing with a breakup never easy. The sense of loss can feel heavy and weight on your mind. The emotional roller coaster that follows isn’t a blast either. But there are ways to cope with a break-up and they are easier than you’d think! You don’t need to spend money or do anything drastic to make yourself feel better.

Before we get into the best method of learning how to cope with a breakup, you should know there is a difference between distracting yourself and avoiding the break-up. The goal of these activities is to prevent you from obsessing over your ex or the relationship. It’s not about avoiding the break-up altogether. You need to process the end of the relationship in a healthy manner. Sometimes, that means reaching out to a therapist. Many people need a shoulder to cry on when they are going through a break-up. It’s perfectly normal. Of course, you may also choose to write our your emotions in a journal.

Now, here are some helpful things to remember when it comes to learning how to cope with a breakup:

Treat Yourself

Take yourself out to lunch or go on a small shopping spree. Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or go mountain biking and feel the fresh air on your skin. You need to pamper yourself. Do something that feels like a treat and feel great about it. Many people going through a break-up tend to let themselves go. Of course, a dramatic change in appearance is common with breakups, but it isn’t recommended.


Be Active

By keeping busy, you can keep your mind from obsessing over the break-up, which gives your heart time to heal. You can keep busy with work, friends, travelling, organising your home and many other activities. Now with organising, you don’t want to start tossing things away. The minimalist method is to put items you don’t want away. If you don’t think about them after 30 days, you can safely get rid of them. You can also throw yourself into the hobbies & interests you haven’t been giving time to. Take care that you don’t over-do any particular activity.


Connect With Others

It’s important that you take time to reconnect with the people in your life, like friends & family. This helps you to keep the break-up in perspective and gives you something else to focus on. If you’re feeling particularly low, don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. You don’t need to learn how to cope with a breakup by yourself. You can also volunteer for various causes to truly feel a sense of accomplishment.


Connect With Yourself

During a relationship, most of us begin to lose our sense of self. You can take this time to refocus and look inward. Reconnect with yourself and your hopes, dreams & goals. You can do this by filling out personality questionnaires or putting together a bucket list. By doing this, you’ll move forward in a more tranquil state of mind. You want to limit the time you have to think about your ex and the highlights of the relationship. Focus on the highlights of your relationship with yourself instead.



If you can afford to, take a vacation somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. This will help you to feel you can still accomplish your dreams & goals without your now-ex. A vacation might be exactly what you need to feel the freedom of being single. You can even start knocking things off the bucket-list you made yourself!


Be Open

Now that you’re single, you want to be open to new experiences. This can be meeting someone new, travelling, a promotion at work and just about everything else. You never know what might be around the corner, so make sure you’re open to finding out! Of course, “trying new things” should always be done in moderation. You don’t want to go overboard! Random hook-ups, drug abuse, and questionable behaviour. Maybe it’s time to try online dating and find a new match.


Get Help

Learning how to cope with a breakup isn’t a quick thing to deal with. But I promise things will get easier over time. If you’d like a dating coaching session to help then please contact me.