How to deal with rejection the right way

Rejection – it’s such a horrible word.  Yet it’s something most of us worry greatly about and something that singles are terrified of.

As a Relationship Coach, I know that fear of rejection is a big reason why people are still single. They’ve been hurt in the past and never want to feel that way again. So they put up barriers in place and stop trying to go for what they really want. They just haven’t learnt how to deal with rejection or manage the experience.

I’ve been rejected myself in various ways.  I’ve failed to get television jobs that I knew I was the best person for.  I’ve not been chosen to work with companies for unknown reasons.  Each brings with it the same disappointment that you get from being rejected in love. You question yourself, over-analyse the situation and wonder why they didn’t want you. 

I’ve learned how to handle this with years of practice. I want to tell you that it really doesn’t need to be this way!

We all have different tastes and desires

Firstly, you need to know that everyone likes different things and we all have different types  That’s why there are hundreds of flavours of different ice cream.  If we all liked chocolate then that’s all that would be on sale. But we don’t…so there’s strawberry, mint choc-chip, bubblegum, mango marshmallow fizz, tutti frutti and whatever combination the manufacturers can dream up next. It’s the same with the pool of singles. If they weren’t interested in dating you it’s just because they want someone completely different to you.

It doesn’t matter one bit

You didn’t know them before the date and you don’t have to see them after. You’ve lost nothing at all  Once you start to accept this then you’ll realise you’ll never be rejected again.

Learning how to deal with rejection is easier than you think 

All it takes is a little practice. Putting yourself into a place where you could possibly get rejected is actually an amazing experience. Be proud of yourself for embracing the challenge.

It’s all a numbers game

You won’t be interested in every person, but the more people you interact with then the more likely you’ll get to meeting the one. So get yourself out there and go on lots of dates.  You’ll be that much closer to a yes!


If you’d like some help working on your confidence and fear or rejection, then you can easily book a dating coaching session with me today.  I’ve helped 10,000s people improve their dating lives and I’d love to help you learn how to deal with rejection too.