Flirty Texts That Work

Words are a powerful toll, especially when you know how to use them. It’s important that we think about what we’re going to say, rather than let out whatever we’re thinking about. The right sentence can be empowering or disastrous. With dating, there’s no difference. Your words will help to create an atmosphere between you and whoever you want to date. Unfortunately, flirting over text can actually come across as trying to move too fast. There is a secret to flirty texts that I’ve learned during my many years of dating coaching singles. 

It’s not difficult to do this at all. You may have already tried flirting through text. It’s common with dating apps and even social media. You may have sent a flirty text to a co-worker, just being playful. That playfulness is exactly what you need to flirt successfully. If you put too much focus on saying “the right thing”, you’ll end up saying nothing. Sometimes, messy and straightforward is actually a better approach than taking your time to craft the person line. After all, human beings aren’t perfect. We’re flawed. We make mistakes. That’s a part of the process. This means you can be a little cheesy if you want to. Be silly. Overall, you want to have fun with flirty texts.

The exchanges between the two of you should be genuine and not forced. You don’t want to try too hard or put no effort into the interactions. If you’re going to compliment them, make that compliment genuine. It’ll be better if you choose to focus on something that isn’t superficial. Be specific because it really shows that you’re interested. You can also show your interest by asking questions. This helps you get to know each other too. Unless you just want to flirt with no outcome. If that is your intention, make sure to let the other party know. You wouldn’t want them getting too attached too quickly.

Now it doesn’t seem like asking someone about their day is a good chance to flirt. Everything is a good chance to flirt. For instance: “How is your cute face doing today?” or “Are you still working on that gorgeous painting?”. Once you’ve sent a few flirty texts, you’ll get a better idea of what you’re doing. It’ll become more natural. In fact, the more you start to do this then the easier it becomes. It will also be a fun activity you look forward to.

You’re going to want to share just enough of yourself that they want to see you face-to-face. Although the option may not be present at the moment, you’ll be able to connect at some point in the future. Especially if you perfect your flirty texts, keeping him interested in you.

Don’t read into what people are saying to you. If you have questions, just ask. It’s better to look silly by asking than it is to ruin a potential relationship. If you’re worried that a man will be turned off by the directness, you have nothing to worry about. Most men are tired of the women who play games. They want someone who is going to be straightforward. It’s a breath of fresh air to them.

If someone sounds too good to be true through text, they are. You don’t want to one of those people.

James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
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