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Online dating is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet that special someone, especially through dating apps. Dating apps are more commonly favored by young adults as 75 percent of people 18 to 24 years old use Tinder. For some people, dating through an app is a very effective way to meet someone.

When you use a US dating app, you are matched with someone based on an algorithm. Once you create an account online, you give some preliminary information that will help improve the algorithm and before you know it, you are matching with the man or woman of your dreams. Some apps allow you to talk to those you match, turning your computer love into something real and offline. Some dating apps are free, while others have payment tiers.

Of course, everyone’s intentions when using these dating apps vary. Some are looking for a soulmate or someone with similar hobbies or interests to hang out with. Others are looking to casually connect with someone on an intimate level. At the baseline, everyone is looking to connect and meet people through a US dating app is a great way to start, especially during these coronavirus times where it can be difficult going out to meet people. If you are ready to jump into the dating app space but do not know which app to try, here is a list of the best dating apps.


This US dating app is one of the most popular as it has made almost 26 million matches per day. It has an extremely user-friendly interface. Since you can only communicate with people you match with, you will not get any unsolicited messages. Tinder has a vast database of people to choose from so there is plenty of fish in the sea. You can also connect your Facebook account to your Tinder profile which could further the artificial intelligence, solidifying your algorithm and matching you with the most compatible people through mutual friend connections.

Tinder is completely free to use, though they offer tier monthly payments that give you certain access. There are some drawbacks, though. It is often associated with hookups and it can be difficult to tell off the bat if a match is really compatible as there may not be enough information about them on their profile other than their age, their name and a short phrase or sentence about them.


S’More is a little different than the rest of the dating apps in that you cannot see the photo of your match until you have already started interacting with their profile. The more you engage with their profile, the more their photos will unblur. This is a great app to use if you are looking for a truly meaningful connection. The focal point on this app is personality rather than looks. It is a very interactive way to get to know someone through voice-recorded answers to personal questions. Unlike Tinder, this app is free to use with no tiered pricing.

One of the main drawbacks is it is not available everywhere as the app is only live in New York, Boston, DC and Chicago. For someone who may not have the extra time to get to know someone, it can be a little frustrating because using this app can become very time-consuming.


This app is a great place to find that special someone if you are bi, gay, trans or queer. It can also be used to make new friends. It is one of the largest LGBTQ social media and dating sites. You can sign up to Grindr using your Facebook profile and it is super easy to use. If you come across something inappropriate, or if something goes wrong, you can block or report accounts. Since this is one of the biggest LGBTQ social media and dating sites, there is a huge chance that you will find someone of your same interests, hobbies and kinks.

One of the biggest drawbacks is it is all anonymous, so it may be uneasy getting to know someone anonymously. Grindr has a free plan, but it also has a couple of monthly payment tiers that will grant you a variety of access in the app.


This US dating app stands out above the rest because when opposite genders match, it is the woman who has to initiate the next step. This is great because women do not have to be bothered with an overwhelming amount of messages from people they do not want to talk to because they are the ones who are initiating the conversation. The app’s gender demographics are about equal so there are just as many men who use the app as there are women. You can also make video calls in the app, making it even easier to get to know someone. Not to mention the profile set up process is quick and easy to do.

Bumble is also free to use, though it has a variety of monthly payment tiers that can grant you different access to the app. If you do not want to be bothered with monthly payments, you can also buy one-time features that can boost your experience. Bumble is not drawback free, though. There is a 24-hour timeframe a woman has to react to a match. Those matches also have a high chance of being superficial as the algorithms mostly take into account the age, gender and location of a person and not much else.


Ship is a great US dating app to use if you want to get your group of friends involved. Your friends can “veto” incompatible matches. They can also send you someone they think might be a good match for you. You can create your “crew” message with your friends while choosing a perfect match and you can swipe for your friends as long as they are cool with it. Though this is a function of the app that sets it apart from all the rest, you can also use this app like you would any other one. This is an awesome app to use if you are just looking to have fun. It is also completely free to use. Ship’s only drawback is that its database is much smaller compared to other dating apps.


Hinge has a very, very good algorithm. Their algorithm is so good, they use it in their marketing boasting Hinge to be “the dating app designed to be deleted.” This app focuses on matching you among friends of a friend of a friend which is shown to improve compatibility. Since these algorithms are so good, there is a higher chance of you matching with someone extremely compatible and establishing really meaningful relationships. It also uses your Facebook data to match you with compatible partners. Hinge is commonly described as the Instagram for dating sites, especially with its sleek and stylish profiles. You can also interact with a person’s profile info which also helps in the getting to know process.

This app is way too good to be free as it comes with a $7 monthly fee, but you can free trial for a few days. The dating pool is small, so there is a high chance you will see the same matches at times.

Meet Me

What sets this US dating app apart is its ability to live stream. It is more of a social media site than a dating platform, though you can definitely take relationships to the next level on the app. There are tons of sections you can add information on in your profile like your background, what you like to do and even what you consider to be a perfect date. This ensures that a person is really socializing and getting to know you for you. There is also an option to play games with your matches, so there are plenty of opportunities to organically get to know someone. The only drawback is it can be difficult to search for someone using the search feature as it is very limited in its abilities. Meet Me is free to use, though there are some paid features like matching spotlight and live feed spotlight that can cost anywhere between $10-$40.


Happn focuses on matching you with people who were or are near you. You can link your Instagram or Facebook account to your profile so all your photos will be automatically uploaded to the US dating app. It also utilizes GPS to match you with people in your area, though their privacy policy is very strict. You can rest assured that your location will never be displayed to anyone in real-time. You can only talk to people you want to contact and people that want to contact you. Happn is free to use but you can also get Happn Premium ranging from anywhere between $10 to $24.99 a month. There are some drawbacks. Happn only really takes into consideration how close you are to someone, so if you live in a small town this may not be the app for you.

US Dating App Summary

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