Episode 158

Snuggle Up! How Professional Cuddling Can Upgrade Your Love Life

Professional Cuddling

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Have You Ever Considered Professional Cuddling To Cure Your Loneliness?

Get ready to embrace the love on The Love Machine!

In this episode, James Preece interviews Laura Just, founder of Lekker Cuddles, to explore the world of professional cuddling.

What Is Professional Cuddling ?

Professional cuddling is a form of therapy that involves non-sexual touch to promote mental and emotional well-being. Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients and can include cuddle positions, talking, socializing, and movement. The goal is to promote intimacy, trust, and connection.

From the benefits of platonic intimacy to improving your communication skills, James and Laura dive deep into the world of cuddle therapy and platonic intimacy.

Learn how professional cuddling can upgrade your dating life and why it’s time for this transformative practice to move into the mental wellness industry.

So sit back, hug your pillow, and get ready to cuddle up with The Love Machine

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About Laura Just

Laura Just found her calling in life, using her innate ability to connect with people and create personalized experiences in the high-end hospitality industry. However, her true passion emerged during the COVID pandemic, where she discovered the fulfilling and profound work of providing professional cuddling services online. With great feedback and positive impact on clients, she took the leap to start her own local venture, Lekker Cuddles.

in March 2021. In just over two years, Laura has found a purpose in bringing comfort and positivity to those in need through physical touch and connection

Laura’s Website

Laura Just


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