Episode 2

Virtual Dating Secrets

Virtual Dating Secrets

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Dating Podcast | 0 comments

Would you like to learn how to be successful with Virtual Dating?

In this episode, James chats with Jade Birkin who is a single dating blogger from Jaded Dating.

Jade tells James all about her experiences dating during Quarantine and how she’s been trying out Virtual Dating.

You’ll hear about her dating marathons and how she made the most of dating during lockdown.

James also shares his top 6 tips to ensure your Virtual dates lead to real ones!

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About Jade Birkin

Ever since writing her uni dissertation on how single women are portrayed in literature and TV, Jade has been observing singles and reflecting on her own dating life. And with so many stories while navigating the world of dating, she started her blog- Jaded Dating in 2014. For the past 2 years, Jade has been hosting singles events. Jade’s goal is to help singles feel empowered and confident during their search for their person.

Jade is in her early 30s, single and living in Glasgow city.



Jade Birkin


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