The Stages of A Rebound Relationship

Many of us have been through a rebound relationship, even if we weren’t aware at the time. Typically, a rebound relationship is characterised by a sudden and quick-moving relationship following a break-up. The rebound relationship is often the result of needing a distraction, whether it’s from the what-if’s of your own thoughts or the idea of your ex. Other times, a rebound relationship helps us to fill the empty space where the previous partner was, physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, most rebound relationships just fall apart. This is because we didn’t take time to heal from the old relationship. Even if you think you’re alright, you need time to reflect between relationships. There are rare instances that prove a rebound relationship can work, but it’s not common. Of course, many people believe they are getting involved with someone new for the right reasons. There is nothing wrong with trying out a new relationship. But if it is a rebound, it’s unfair to your new partner to pretend that it isn’t.  Here are my Dating Expert thoughts to help you.

There are 5 main stages of a rebound relationship:

  1. You’ve found the one.

You’ve been actively looking since the break-up and now, you’re positive you’ve found that special someone. You haven’t known them for very long or were never close, but suddenly, you’re seeing them in a new light. You believe you have found the answers in this person and they are everything. You spend every minute with them. You have sex all the time. You flaunt the relationship in front of everyone because you’re just so happy.

  1. The classic honeymoon phase.

You can see past any flaw in your partner. Sure, there are issues, but who is perfect? Yet, you find yourself comparing the new partner to your ex. You’re looking for differences and ignoring any similarities. In fact, there is nothing your new partner has in common with your last partner. You’ve made sure of that. Of course, you’re too happy to care anyway. Everyone says you’re so happy together. You’re talking about the future like you’ve been together for years.

  1. Reality creeps in.

You’re starting to see that there are some serious flaws in your partner. You don’t know how to approach them. You are afraid your new partner is going to leave if you disturb the peace. This is one of the worst stages of a rebound relationship. You’re determined to make the relationship work, but you’re starting to think it might be difficult. Maybe they aren’t the person you thought they were. Maybe they don’t have the same future goals. Now you’re comparing this partner to your last partner. You’re talking about your previous partner more frequently. You may even try to “accidentally” run into your old partner with your new partner.

  1. An explosion of emotion.

Now you can see that you were wrong all along. This relationship is going to fall apart just like the last one did. For all the same reasons. You’re frustrated and confused. You may be hurt and even angry. You direct this on the new partner, even though these emotions are actually towards your previous relationship. The flaws in your partner are obvious. The difference between you is obvious. The relationship is obviously doomed to fail and you don’t see the point in trying.

  1. The conclusion

For most people, the worst stages of a rebound relationship is the end. For some, the cycle starts all over again. Others take the time to step back and think about what went wrong. Now that your new partner is gone, you need to understand why. You need to figure out what put you in the rebound relationship in the first place. What is it that you’re missing from your ex? Can you get it for yourself? Take time before trying another relationship. Patience is a virtue.

If any of these sound like your current relationship, you may be in a rebound relationship. Of course, if you’re wondering about your relationship status, that’s because you know something is off. Maybe you need to take the time to yourself to truly reflect on what you want. You need to be balanced before you enter a new relations