Making a relationship work takes hard work regardless of how attracted you are to your partner or how smoothly things appear to be going, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Although relationships across the distance were unlikely to survive for longer than 6 months a decade or two ago, they are now thriving thanks to technological advances such as the internet and mobile phones. Once perceived as a complete waste of time that was bound to end in heartbreak, countless couples are now happier than ever engaging in relationships that often revolves around Skype calls and long distance driving.

The logistics can be tricky

Depending on exactly how far the distance in your long distance relationship is, the logistics can be somewhat tricky. Any sort of geographical separation will undoubtedly put a twist on any relationship. The main logistical challenges within a long distance relationship generally revolve around time zones, traveling and finances. While it may seem ideal to simply jump in your vehicle and drive across the country, it isn’t always viable. Not only is fuel becoming increasing expensive but one has to also take into consideration wear and tear on the vehicle and other expenses such as accommodation (if required) and meals.

Effort is everything

If you are intent on making your long distance relationship work, you can. It does, however, require both partners to make a concerted effort. Set clear parameters right from the get-go, deciding where you want the relationship to go. Keep in regular contact with one another and make time for face-to-face visits whenever it is possible. Time together is such a scare and precious resource and should be cherished.

Building trust takes time

Trust is of extreme importance in any relationship. When you don’t see your partner on a daily basis, trust issues can rear their ugly heads, often leading to the demise of a beautiful relationship. While it is natural to have some insecurities it is important to not let it rule your mind and ruin the bond you share with your partner. Once you and your partner have decided that you are committing to a serious, monogamous relationship you need to stick to your guns, concentrating on growing your connection and shunning all other temptations and distractions.

Spend time together, even when you are apart

Regardless of the distance between you and your partner, you can still do fun things together. Have a ‘date night’ once a week where you both watch the same movie, keeping in touch via a messaging app throughout it to give light-hearted feedback. You can also read poetry to one another or, if you are in completely different parts of the world, read extracts from the daily newspaper. Despite how busy your own individual schedules may be you need to make time for one another. Start the day with a loving message or phone call and do the same at night, similarly to how a traditional couple would.

Put a time-limit on it

The idea of a long distance relationship may seem appealing, but it is by no means viable on a permanent basis. At some point, you are ever going to have to live in the same place or call it quits. Once you see things are getting serious between you, it is time to sit down and have a sobering talk about your plans for the future. If you can’t come to an agreement, perhaps it is time to take a very good look at your relationship, deciding whether it is indeed something you both want.

If you think you may have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to do everything in power to make it work, despite the distance between you. True love does not come around often and when it does, it is worth making sacrifices for