There are two types of daters: successful daters and terrible ones.

Many dating coaches have shared five dating habits of successful daters. These habits or traits can easily be developed by anyone and it only requires minimal time. These powerful 5 habits are within your reach, and once you admit that you lack something and you need help to get better,  can you dramatically improve your success rate. If you’d like to be a better dater then read the following information below:


Successful Daters always Smile

Do you know that a smile is the quickest and easiest way to get singles attention? Your smile can show how confident, happy, nonthreatening and positive you are. Those individuals who have trouble smiling usually also have a hard time in capturing the attention of a crowd and getting a good date. While those who constantly smile are given more opportunity to attract and meet singles. Bear in mind that a smile projects all you want in a “partner” such as passion, optimism, happiness, positive outlook and more. They attract much more attention since most singles hope that you can share the same confidence and energy with them. You need to smile at every occasion as positive and this is the first thing which you need to put on once you wake up every morning. Even if you’re struggling with your daily life, smiling can make you feel better.


This can be seen through your body language such as your walk, gestures and postures. Successful daters needs to establish a powerful first impression as this will let you control how others will see you. If you  make sure you stand and walk with purpose and grace, people will consider you powerful and they will get curious and interested in you.

Successful Daters are Comfortable

Bear in mind that successful daters do not try too hard. Never pretend to be someone just for them to like you. You need to be proud and feel confident about yourself all the time. If you’re the type of person who is highly confident in your own skin, you don’t require constant approval or give importance to your own traits and opinion. Singles want quality and confident people and not idiots. You need to offer excitement and challenges all the time.

Good Listener

Believe it or not, people give more importance on your listening skills and not on your “speaking ability”. If you’re a good listener, you can easily come-up with great question and opinion once needed. Queries will let you learn more about the subject and their interest in 5 minutes than you’re their colleagues for 5 years. Everyone has the ability to ask questions but only can really do good and well thought out questions. Asking questions forces you to enter into a much deeper discussion.


Daily conversations are typically utilized to exchange vital information but this is different in the dating world as conversation creates connection. Through this, people can have deeper connections by finding similar ideals and passions. You must have a genuine interest on the topic and in the person.  If you do then you’ll find they are naturally drawn to you and you’ll bond much more quickly.

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